Teen Patti Online Guide

A wildly popular Indian card game, Teen Patti is a term that describes 3 cards. It is very similar to the English game 3 Card Brag (and poker) and is played with one card deck. Teen Patti can be played with any number of players. However, it is best played with 4-7 players.

Recently, the popularity of live Teen Patti has exploded in Indian online casinos. In this game, you’re playing against a live dealer which definitely takes the experience up a notch.


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Play for Real Money

How to Play Real Money Teen Patti

Playing Teen Patti for Real Money online is becoming a popular choice. Although you can play free variants of Teen Patti on websites, playing for real money is better.

The real money versions of Teen Patti have streams that are crisp-clear, available from your mobile device and the innovative and user-friendly interface makes the game a breeze. In terms of gaming experience, it’s the winner of Teen Patti variants. You can place bets as low as 8 Rupees up to thousands of Rupees. Expect incredible attention to detail and lovely sound quality.

All listed Teen Patti casinos are thoroughly tested and are perfectly safe and secure.

Choose Live Casino

Make your Deposit

Play the Teen Patti Games

The Live Dealer

Live Teen Patti is played against a real, human croupier. They are responsible for the dealing and act as a host that will guide you through the game. The action is streamed in seamless high definition video quality.

You can gossip about Shahrukh Khan with the real human live dealers using the chatbox. Make sure to behave properly or you’ll be kicked out instantly.

Perks of playing online

Playing Teen Patti “offline” with your friends is great. The social element of the game is something online games can’t offer. Or can they?

Live Teen Patti online is played against a human dealer. It’s not a substitute for banter between friends, but it’s good enough for us. So which one is the best version?

Our biased opinion is the live version due to its superior convenience and accessibility. Fairness is another major difference. While playing between friends opens the door for cheating, Live Teen Patti online is as fair as it gets. Plus, you get to choose when you want to play the game online, something that can’t be said for “offline” Teen Patti. Get ready for nerve-wrecking live casino action.

3 Patti in a Live Casino Setting

Playing Teen Patti online differs quite a bit from the “offline” variant. Apart from the fact that it has a graphical interface, it also makes you play a round within a given time limit. Playing for real money online is also better since you get to win real cash. Sure, you can do the same between friends, but the prizes are much bigger in Indian live casinos.

Thanks to that and the opportunity to play against professional live dealers, Live Teen Patti is the way to go.


The objective of the game is simple. To win the round, you’ll need a higher-ranked hand than the one the dealer has. Three aces, for example, are the highest possible hand value.

The three cards also have a rank. Using the aforementioned example, three aces are the best possible Trio, while three twos are the lowest ranking Trio hand.

Game Outcomes

Dealer does not qualify and you win1:1Push
Dealer qualifies and you win1:11:1
Dealer qualifies and you loseLoseLose
Dealer qualifies and it's a tiePushPush
Player foldsLose-

Side bets

Apart from the Ante bet, there are two other side bets in Teen Patti online called Pairplus Pay and 6-Card Bonus. These are placed after the Ante wager and are completely optional.

The Pairplus side bet can pay up to 50:1 for Three aces based only on the player’s hand. When it comes to the 6-card Bonus, it’s much more lucrative. Getting a Royal Flush pays up to 1000:1, although the odds of that happening are low.


Want to learn the rules of Teen Patti online? Read on below!

  • A blind player (who hasn’t seen the cards yet), must place a bet equal to the current stake (not more than double that amount)
  • A seen player must bet double, but no more than 4 times the current stake
  • A seen player can’t demand a show with a blind player
  • A show can only happen with 2 remaining players. Both players need to double the stake for the show
  • The show is decided when the players compare hands. The one with the higher hand value wins the show.

Mobile Teen Patti

Playing Teen Patti on mobile is the way to go.

If you ask us, the game works so much better on smaller screens. You can play anytime and anywhere and see the action from multiple camera angles in glorious HD video quality.

What more could you want? It’s not like you need the most expensive smartphone. All Android and iOS devices will suffice. Play mobile Teen Patti online and you’ll see what the fuss is all about.


Android devices are very popular in India so it’s a good thing that you can enjoy the games on all of them. Regardless if it’s a smartphone or tablet, the mobile version of the game will work flawlessly.

The best part of all is that you don’t need a specific device – any Android smartphone or tablet will work.


Although Android may rule in India, iOS has a pretty large base of fans as well. If you own an iPhone or iPad, you’ll be glad to know that you can play mobile Live Teen Patti on your devices with no hassle.

You don’t need to download the game or anything. Just visit your favourite casino and let the games begin!

Teen Patti Basics

Before you start playing Teen Patti online, you’ll have to learn the basics. To be honest, Teen Patti is very similar to poker. To play Live Teen Patti, you’ll need to pick a good live casino first.

After you’ve made your choice and funded your account, find a Teen Patti table to “sit” at and start playing. If you’re new to the game, we suggest finding one with low stakes. You will be playing against a human dealer, not your friends, so you better step your game up.


Although you might find Teen Patti online sites that claim they have working strategies, we can’t recommend any strategy for Live Teen Patti. Unlike in blackjack, for example, there are no winning strategies in this game.

However, there are several “strategies” you must keep in mind if you want to be successful.

  • Learn the basics – you can’t be a good Teen Patti online player if you don’t know the rules
  • Pick a proper live casino – all the good ones can be found on our list
  • Start slow – if you’re new to the game, start small and slow and don’t rush things
  • Play for free first – it goes without saying that you should always try casino games before you play for real money

Where can I play Teen Patti for Real Money?

You can play Live Teen Patti at the casinos we’ve listed in our top lists. Think of this page as your guide to Teen Patti online. We’ve thoroughly tested all the best Live Teen Patti casinos in India, creating a list of places you should definitely visit.

Of course, all the live casinos allow you to play Teen Patti for real money. Playing against your friends is great, but we don’t think it can compare to the live dealer version of teen patti.

All you need to do is make a deposit in the casino and find the Live Teen Patti game you want to play. That’ll be easy – just write Teen Patti in the search bar and you’ll start playing in seconds.

Game Flow in Teen Patti

Here’s how the game works:

  1. Both you and the dealer get 3 cards each
  2. Take a look at your cards and you then have to decide if you want to Play or Fold
  3. If you choose to play, the hands get compared. Whoever has the higher hand value wins the round

As you can see, Live Teen Patti isn’t that much different to 3-card poker. If you’ve played the latter, there’s a good chance you’ll get the hang of Live Dealer Teen Patti quickly.

Winning Potential

Live Teen Patti actually has a pretty solid winning potential. Getting a High Card comes with a probability of 74.39%. The higher-paying ranks such as a Trio (or Trail) has a probability of only 0.24%. In terms of odds, it’s 424:1. In translation, very unlikely.

You do, however, get solid chances of hitting a Pair at 16.94%.

Difference between online and live Teen Patti

Although they’re both played in online casinos, Teen Patti online differs from Live Teen Patti. The biggest difference is obvious – the former is controlled by an RNG while the latter is hosted by a human dealer that uses real cards.

We have to say that Live Teen Patti is the better choice here. Why? Well, it just adds another layer of excitement and feels much more like you’re playing in a land-based casino. If you want an authentic Macau atmosphere in the comfort of your own home, Live Teen Patti is the way to go.

Online Teen Patti

As mentioned, online Teen Patti is controlled by a computer. More specifically, a Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures a fair and random outcome.

This variant of Teen Patti may not be as exciting as Live Teen Patti, but you get to try it out for free. If you’re new to the game, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Live Teen Patti

Live dealer games are getting more and more popular and that’s no surprise. After all, live card games such as Live Teen Patti are just so much more exciting than RNG variants. You play a real, human dealer in this one instead of virtual players on the table.

Plus, you get to chat to the dealer at the same time, allowing for an even better experience.

The bet options

As mentioned, Teen Patti is a close relative of poker, especially the 3-card variants. As such, you can expect more or less the same bets. The round starts with the Ante bet. At that point, the dealer will deal the cards and you can put your chips on 4 different options.

Afterward, you can place your chips on Play or place them on the appropriate field on the screen on Pair or Better or the 3+3 Bonus.


Just like in poker, players must place an Ante (Chaal in Hindu) bet for the round to start. As soon as you do, the dealer will deal 3 cards face down and it’s time for your decision. You can fold, of course, if your cards don’t look good.

However, if they do, you must make an equal Play bet to the Ante bet. Once confirmed, the dealer will turn the cards up and compare the hand value.


The Play bet is placed on the table when you’re ready for the hands to be compared. This only happens when the cards in your hands are good. If they don’t look great, you’re better off with a Fold.

As soon as you place your chips on Play, get ready for the dealer to compare the hands and pay you out if you win.

Pair or Better

This side bet doesn’t depend on your win – instead, it pays if you have a hand with a pair or better. A pair means two cards of the same rank. If you have those cards in your hands or something better like a Flush, you’re going to win this side bet even if you lose the round.

3+3 bonus

Aahh, the 3+3 bonus, this is a an excellent side bet. Its objective is to make the best five-card hand by combining your hand with the dealer’s hand.  The sidebet pays when Three of a kind or better are made up from the six cards on the table.

Additional Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is a game played with a single card deck. This means it is played with 52 cards, jokers excluded.

There’s no limit on the number of players that can join the table, although it’s best played with 4-7. As mentioned, the game starts with the Ante bet and a Show is only possible with 2 remaining players.

Live Teen Patti is always played against a human dealer rather than an RNG. That doesn’t mean the game’s not fair – the deck is reshuffled before each round.

Seen Player

The seen player in Teen Patti is the player who makes a bet after seeing his cards. He/She must place a bet that’s at least double of the forced bet of the blind player.

When you play Teen Patti online in Indian casinos, you’ll come across something called Chaal. It’s a term that describes both the call and raise bets in the game.

Blind Player

Opposite to the seen player, the blind player is the one who hasn’t taken a look at his cards. These players can place bets that are at least half of the current bets of seen players.

These players are called blind because they’re making a bet ‘in the blind’ without knowing what their hand looks like.

Teen Patti FAQ

Yes, it is legal to play Teen Patti online in India.
You can play Teen Patti online for real money and win cash.
If you pick one of our recommended casinos, yes, you can play Teen Patti online safely.
Live Teen Patti is the live dealer variant of the popular Indian game.
No, you can’t. The game is controlled either by an RNG or a live dealer, eliminating any cheating opportunities.
Yes, pick the RNG variant of Teen Patti online and you can play for free.

Sign up and play live Teen Patti today!

As you can see, Teen Patti online is a great fun game for all Indian players. It doesn’t take a master to play it, but you should definitely master the rules to become successful.

Live Teen Patti is even better. It ups the ante and delivers a truly amazing experienced you have never tried before. Pick any of the live casinos we’ve reviewed at Live Casino Guide and you’ll enjoy the best possible Live Teen Patti experience.