Learn the Roulette Bets

Betting on online roulette is thrilling and feels decidedly glamorous – we think so too.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know on what kind of roulette bets there are and how to use them to your advantage.

Our experts in the field have been playing for years and years – and are now ready to share their knowledge with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a real roulette pro in no time.

The Basics of Roulette Bets

Knowing your game inside out applies to all sorts of games and sports. Be it football, chess, or in this instance roulette.

There are some key differences as to what bets you can use and how they apply to your actual gameplay.

As usual – we’ll show you the way and take apart the most common ones in our newest LiveCasinoGuide article about roulette bets.

We’ll answer your questions as to how much odds and payouts differ and what bets and what roulette strategy works best for you as a beginner. Let’s talk about it.

When the game round is over, the live dealer announces the winning roulette bets

Outside Bets Explained

There are a few things to consider when talking about outside bets. Outside bets, in general, have higher chances of giving you a winning number, but overall tend to reveal much smaller payouts.

So, like all things casino – your personal choice and overall playstyle are very important here.

You can place these bets by focusing on the layout, as these bets focus on the outside of the online roulette table, and very fittingly so.


As the name implies, this bet focuses on the two colours found on the roulette wheel. Also being called the red and black wheel, you can see where this is going. This even money bet has a 48.60% win chance in European roulette, whereas the American variant comes with a slightly lesser 47.37% chance of hitting it. The choice is, yet again, yours.

Odds: 48.60%
Payout: 1:1


Similar to the red and black bet, this bet also pays out almost at 50%, be it European or American roulette. It’s one of those types of bets that really are best played in conjunction with other bets, at least in our opinion. The name really gives it away perfectly, so we will refrain from explaining what odd or even means.

Odds: 48.60%
Payout: 1:1


A column bet is made when betting on – you guessed it – one of the whole columns of the roulette wheel. The odds are 32.40% in European roulette, being slightly lower in American roulette – 31.6% overall. This is a handy bet when you’re trying to win some of your funds back, since betting on a whole column pays out quite well in contrast to the low risk involved.

Odds: 32.40%
Payout: 2:1


A bet paying out 2:1 if a win strikes, while using one of the three dozen number clusters on the roulette wheel. Going from 1-12, 13-24 and subsequently from 25-36, being the third dozen in the game. Similar to other bets, we think this bet can best be used teamed up with other bets since that will increase your chance of winning drastically.

Odds: 32.40%
Payout: 2:1

Inside Bets Explained

When learning how to play roulette, it always pays off to know the roulette wheel inside out – let’s talk about the inside bet for a minute.

The big brother of the outside bet, these are all the possible combinations of bets you can make on the inner section of the roulette table.

Example? Well, a single number bet is always an inside bet, making it extremely valuable if you’re hitting a win, but the probability of just one single number winning is understandably low. Which means it’s very well suited for high rollers, should you consider yourself one.

As you can see, some roulette rules need you to watch your bankroll!

Straight up

A straight-up bet is exactly what we explained – a bet on a single number on the layout. In European roulette, this bet pays out 35:1, so you can see why this bet can be considered popular. The probability of hitting one of those is pretty low, so place it with the right timing in mind – and with enough money on your bankroll.

Odds: 2.70%
Payout: 35:1


We’re increasing the odds and moving over to the street bet. A bet with 3 numbers included, this one can be considered a row bet. What that means? Well, it means that the numbers you bet on need to be adjacent to each other, so for example 7,8 and 9. The likelihood of striking one of those is 8.11% in European roulette.

Odds: 8.11%
Payout: 11:1


Place your chip at the corner of four numbers or in the middle of a square of four numbers on the roulette wheel, and you got yourself a corner bet. There really isn’t a lot to say about this fella, except for that it’s also known as a square bet, a quad bet or Carré, for you French roulette fans out there.

Odds: 10.50%
Payout: 8:1

Six Line

This bet is placed by putting your chips on two adjacent lines of three numbers each – making it a total of six numbers. You can see where most of these terms got their name from, roulette appears to be a game made and enjoyed by pragmatists. This inside bet pays 5:1, making it a middle child of bets when it comes to payouts.

Odds: 15.80%
Payout: 5:1


The basket bet lets you bet on five numbers all at once. LiveCasinoGuide does not recommend this bet to new players, for the sole reason that the house edge in American roulette, for example, is 5.26%, versus the regular percentage – you better know what your plan is if you’re going for one of those.

Odds: 13.16%
Payout: 6:1

Which bets should I make?

Do you want to be included in the elite casino players of the ages? Be a true high roller?

It might surprise you if we say that newer players tend to place outside bets while the true veterans place inside bets.

The only thing that universally applies to both new and experienced players, is that both parties bet within their financial frame.

If your bankroll increases, so should the amount of bets you make. Simple, right?

Roulette Bets FAQ

There’s no clear answer to that – it all depends on your strategy and your bankroll
Make the bets that suit your playstyle and your finances alike.
The 17 is commonly considered the number that’s hit most often.
A basket bet is a bet of 5 random numbers on the roulette wheel.
There are strategies that increase your winning chances, but no sure-fire way to win per se. It is a game of chance after all!