Lightning Roulette Review

As a lover of roulette and all things red & black, we’re super excited for this exclusive LiveCasinoGuide review – lightning roulette!

Brought to you courtesy of Evolution Gaming, this fast-paced roulette variant is perfect for those among you, who don’t want to wait for the next spin of the ball.

A action-packed version of the classic live casino game, this one really grabbed our attention – and not just because Evolution took a shot at it.

Let’s see, how this chapter in the history of roulette fares – and if it’s worth your time or not.

How does Lightning Roulette work

The rules differ from the regular and well-known roulette; but are quite easy to follow nonetheless. Just like in European roulette (which we’re going to refer to, when saying roulette from now on), players are asked to choose a bet before the wheel is spun.

Once the betting time is over, the dealer – or croupier in this case – pulls a lever and the panels are struck by lightning, which results in 1-5 lucky numbers being randomly chosen.

Should you win a straight-up bet on these numbers, a multiplier of from 50x to 500x is applied to your win, all depending on the quantity generated here. Simple, right?

How to play Lightning Roulette

Now that you know how this exciting game works, let’s talk about how to actually play it – from choosing a casino to play it at over to cashing in your eventual winnings.

Playing this game is as easy as pie, but there are still some steps to follow.

This is how you play:

  1. Choose a live casino that suits what you’re looking for (we would suggest LeoVegas for this one)
  2. Locate lightning roulette in the casino lobby
  3. Place your chips and make a bet
  4. Wait for the croupier to pull the lever
  5. Cash in your winnings!

Bets and payouts on Lightning Roulette

With such an exotic roulette version in front of us, one would be forgiven to think, that the roulette rules and bets are significantly different from regular European roulette. This isn’t the case, however!

There is one big difference and that’s about it, which is the straight-up bet, where you get paid 29:1 instead of 35:1.

This is where lightning roulette strikes with a sweet difference – if the lightning strikes your number and you win, a multiplier of up to 500 times can be applied to your bet, boosting your win significantly.

These are the Lightning Roulette payouts:


Key Features

The key features of Evolution Gaming lightning roulette are both very apparent and kind of hidden at the same time.

The obvious pro?

This game is set up like a TV game show, that seeks its equal among other live dealer games and gives it a very lavish feel, which we absolutely adore.

The more “hidden” feature can only be revealed once you play lighting roulette for yourself. The multipliers transform the good old classic game of roulette into a much more volatile and nerve-wracking variant and is therefore much more sought after.

Try it out and you’ll see what we mean – you can also compare it to regular roulette by reading our article about it right here.

Lightning Roulette Rules

Being based on the regular European roulette, it doesn’t come as a surprise, that some or even most rules overlap. Lightning roulette does however introduce a couple of interesting twists, which we’re going to cover in a moment.

The premise is simple: players can still place bets on individual numbers, inside – or outside bets, while the betting time is counting down.

Once that time has passed, the croupier will pull a lever, covering the betting interface with lightning. 1 to 5 numbers will then be highlighted by said lightning, multiplying each player’s bet, who was lucky enough to have chosen any of these numbers.

Lightning Roulette Multipliers

As we’ve previously discussed, the multipliers are what you’re looking for, when you’re playing lightning roulette online.

Evolution Gaming really has done a marvelous job of creating tension here, but the crux is in the detail; only straight-up bets qualify for a multiplier win.

That means, that any other bets payout as you would expect and create a sweet gameplay loop that quickly becomes the best thing since the invention of regular European roulette.

In this example, 2, 17, 28, 31 are multiplied. A straight-up bet on 28, and your win will be multiplied with 100x!

How often do multipliers come in?

What good would a multiplier be, if it only came in every other round or so? Evolution probably thought the same when coming up with their revolutionary idea for lightning roulette.

Multipliers are applied every single round, but you have to wait for the lightning to hit your lucky numbers – only then you’ll come out of the whole round as the big winner.

Personally, this is our favourite part of the game, although the TV-style make-up of the whole game certainly comes in as a closed second.

Mobile Lightning Roulette

Playing lightning roulette on the laptop or even stationary desktop PC is fine, it honestly is – but being the mobile fans that we are, we have to say it shines a lot more on your smartphone or tablet.

Both iOS and Android benefit from the sweet landscape rotation of the game, which is optimized for both devices and makes for a lot more immersive experience, in our opinion.

Frankly, scratch that – you owe it to yourself to play this game that way, since the tapping and swiping brings this game that much closer to an actual land-based game. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Theme and feel

We’ve already spoken about the TV-like setup of the game, so let’s go past that and dive a bit deeper here.

Like in modern video games, the music in contemporary live dealer games has become increasingly important, there are even scientific studies done about sounds and noises those games make and what they make us feel – but we digress.

The heart-pounding background music guarantees excitement and sets the scene quite well – but the overall dark theme of the game certainly takes the cake.

If you ever wondered, what a thriller really felt like if it was made into a live dealer game, well…this is pretty much it.


Let’s cut to the chase with the betting since we all know this is what the core of the gameplay revolves around.

The minimum bet for lightning roulette is 20 INR while the maximum bet is 500.000 INR, which might not quite make the big leap to being a high-roller game for veterans, but it certainly is quite close.

The betting interface is quite similar to other Evolution Gaming roulette tables, however the colours are quite a lot darker – and that’s by design.

As soon as the lightning strikes, you might be forgiven for thinking your display is broken, it really is that spectacular. But that only lends itself to the dark theme of the game, and honestly? We love it.

This is how you place your chips in Lightning Roulette.

Can I use a Strategy?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a second. If you’re a seasoned roulette player, chances are you’ve used the Martingale or Fibonacci strategy before – and quite successfully so.

These, unfortunately, won’t work on lightning roulette, since the payouts obviously differ – and because of the game’s biggest advantage.

You guessed it, the straight-up bet/multiplier wins feature breaks every roulette strategy that would otherwise work. If you really want to go the high-roller route, betting multiple straight-up bets covering more than half of the wheel is your best bet – but beware.

These roulette bets are high risk/high reward and can result in emptying your pockets quite efficiently – and quickly.

Advantages of Live Lightning Roulette?

  • A high risk/high reward playstyle is encouraged. Hitting the lucky numbers with a straight-up bet, will enable you to receive bigger payouts. During Lightning Roulette you will be able to win up to x500 your bet, although that event can be considered quite rare.
  • The Lightning Round adds a new exciting element to the game. Because of this I think it could be more enjoyable to play this game type, even if it is for the thrill alone.
  • If you’re bored with regular roulette, lightning roulette can be a nice change of pace.
  • The design and animations during Lightning Roulette are very exciting – you feel like you’re taking part in a TV-show!
  • The overall setup of the interface – especially on mobile – is simply excellent.

Disadvantages of Live Lightning Roulette

  • Regular straight bets will only pay 29:1 instead of 35:1, if not struck by lightning. This drastically lowers the RTP of the game, which is something to keep in mind when placing bets.
  • Corners won’t pay the enhanced Lightning payout, which can be a downer for players, who prefer corner-bets in regular roulette.
  • The x500 multiplier is very rare, most Lightning payouts are x50 or x100. When Lightning strikes you can also win x200, x300, and x400 your bet. But this is still very hard to achieve, does however add to the excitement of the game – it’s up to you to choose if that drawback is negligible or not.

Lightning Roulette Live Dealer

The live dealer in lightning roulette has a similar role to its European cousin, you know – chatting with the players, being overall charming and showing professional courtesy towards the players.

But instead of spinning the wheel, the croupier – as roulette “dealers” are called – instead pulls a lever, letting the lightning strike to reveal the multiplier numbers.

Obviously, the thrill of the game is often translated to the croupier as well, who awaits the lucky numbers almost as much as the players do. We’ve seen dealers freak out when a 500x multiplier is hit, adding to the overall exciting atmosphere.

Unlike the normal live roulette, the croupier holds a mic and pulls a lever.

Why You Have to Try This Game

We’ve told you what makes this roulette variant as thrilling as it is and we’ve explained the key differences compared to European roulette.

So why try this game you ask?

We thought it was quite obvious. It is a breath of fresh air, created by the biggest live casino provider in the industry and has a TV-style setup that couldn’t be more thrilling. Does that answer your question perhaps?

We absolutely love lightning roulette and it might just be our favourite version of the red & black wheel thus far. Don’t believe us still?

Try it out at your online casino of choice and you’ll soon see how right we actually are.

Lightning Roulette FAQ

Lightning roulette is a variation of European roulette, with multipliers added to 1 to 5 lucky numbers, making this live dealer game that much more thrilling.
It works pretty much the same as it’s European counterpart – bet on any numbers/colours and wait for the wheel to spin. The difference? Lightning strikes on lucky multiplier numbers, revealing the wins to the lucky players.
Honestly? By being lucky, it is a game of chance after all.
You can win up to 500x your bet, by betting on the lucky number that is struck with a 500x multiplier lightning bolt.
Lightning Roulette is not accessible from land-based casinos. Well, if you pull out your smartphone it’s!