Android Roulette

Playing roulette on Android is a no brainer. No seriously, you can stop reading now, open up your favourite casino app and get playing! You’re…you’re still here? Okay, fine. Seeing as Android is the biggest mobile operating system in India, we’re pretty confident you’re going to be using it to play a couple of rounds. And who can blame you? Playing roulette online has never been easier – or smoother – as on Android. Here’s why!

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How to play Android roulette

Whether you’re using one of the newest Android flagship Smartphones like the Samsung S20 (our personal recommendation) or a shiny Android tablet, playing online Roulette on Android is as intuitive as ever. Responsiveness coupled with a dedicated aspect ratio (which wasn’t a given just 5 years ago) on all screen sizes truly is a blast.

Let’s talk about how to play roulette on Android devices and how it stacks up to playing on your desktop.

Playing Roulette via Android App

The most important thing is to choose a casino app that offers a great Android app that supports your gaming needs 24/7. A native casino app is needed, preferably with a neat shortcut in your app drawer.

As soon as you’ve chosen your favourite roulette casino, you will see that these apps come with intuitive functions that most browsers would restrict by nature. And tapping is a lot more fun than clicking anyway, right? Right.

Playing Roulette via Chrome

Of course, you don’t always have your phone ready and playing a couple of rounds of roulette on your browser can be just as thrilling. The screen is bigger and you can sit comfortably on your desk or even have your laptop…well, on your lap.

Another benefit is, you don’t have to load up the space on your Android Smartphone, should disk space be of concern to you.

The bottom line is, you have the flexibility to play online roulette on the device of your choosing.

Making payments via Android

Google has made it really easy to combine any payments method app with your casino entertainment.

Google Pay is integrated on every device for a while now and obviously you can choose that to deposit with your favourite casino. If PayPal is your payment method or another E-Wallet tickles your fancy, the process is simple. You will deposit choosing a payment method and the method will open, allowing you to finish the process.

Fear not however, if you verified with the casino (which we would always recommend), you will be taken back to the lobby straight away.

Are Android roulette games different from desktop games?

There are a few differences to consider when it comes to Android roulette vs playing online roulette on desktop.

The main difference is immediately apparent; the betting interface. You don’t need a mouse to use your smartphone and that means that tapping is the game. Make side bets, lower/up the ante of your wagers and see the ball spin in HD with just a few taps on your Android device.

Another difference, of course, is some of the camera angles, which are optimized for Android on our toplists.

Best Android Roulette apps available

Sometimes a job well done means a lot of hard work has to go into it. Which is precisely why we downloaded any casino app of the casinos we review – which are, admittedly, a lot. So here’s what we do; we open up the app and put it side by side with the regular browser version of the respective casino and voilá: you’ve got one comprehensive reviewing process.

Of course, some apps fare better than others and obviously the best app will always be found at the top of our lists. But check in regularly, because these apps change a lot in a short span of time, and you don’t want to miss out on the newest and greatest, trust us.

Enjoy Android roulette anywhere

Here’s the deal; smartphones have become our regular companions, being that they are a lot more than just phones nowadays. Check your finances? Chat with anyone all across the world? Or play a couple of rounds of roulette on your Android device, wherever you are and whatever the time.

This is the true benefit of playing Android roulette. Your couch, your bed, the way to work; this spinning ball is always in your pocket.

Pros and cons of playing roulette on Android

There are of course downsides to playing roulette on Android, let’s not fool ourselves here. The screen is smaller and of course it can get tiring to hold a phone for that long (we know you love spinning that wheel for hours, because so do we).

But truthfully, the pros far outweigh the cons, considering what flexibility you’re gaining – and in the end, the fun you can have playing roulette on your trusty Android.

Android Roulette FAQ

You absolutely can – just choose a great casino that offers a fantastic app.
Any roulette games that make good use of the platform, such as 3 Wheel Roulette, Triple Bonus Spin Roulette and Spingo are great on Android. Try them all!
You just have to download for example the LeoVegas app and start playing.
You absolutely can, and honestly we think this is the way to play roulette.
Some of the apps are available via the Google Play Store, but some apps have to be downloaded via the respective site. Before you can install 3rd party apps, navigate to your settings –>  About and tap your build number 3 times. This will enter the “developer mode”, where you can enable the “trust 3rd party apk’s” option. Then you’re good to go!
Truly safe. The fact that your payment app is on your phone and you need to verify each payment is a real plus.