Skrill Casino Guide

Skrill has made an impact on the casino scene a while back – and for good reasons. Being a UK based company, naturally their territory of expertise was the whole of Europe. Luckily Indians can use their services now too, with Skrill offering their services to over 40 countries as of the writing of this LiveCasinoGuide review. So let’s have a look at this payment method and figure out what makes them beneficial to Indian players, shall we?

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How to use Skrill

Using Skrill works like every other eWallet out there. First you have to open an account and verify it – similar to the verification process in any live casino out there. Once you’ve done that, and have found an online casino that accepts Skrill as a payment method, just choose Skrill as a payment method.

If you use your smartphone, you will then be taken to the app – the same thing will happen with your laptop, but you will be taken to their site instead.

Complete the verification of your payment and you will be taken back to your casino of choice – voila! You just deposited via Skrill.

Skrill India Casinos

The main question is; how convenient is this payment method for Indian players? Can you top off your casino account with Skrill? Well, of course you can, that’s the simple answer.

Skrill is a money transfer service and is well suited for all your live casino endeavors, it’s a user-friendly and convenient payment method that neatly fits onto any smartphone.

Just make sure your casino of choice actually offers Skrill as a payment method and you’re good to go!

How does Skrill work

Skrill is an E-Wallet service (also called a digital wallet by some), that also has a smartphone app, should you be playing mainly on your mobile device.

So the way it works should be pretty familiar to most people who ever used an E-Wallet like say PayPal.

You open up an account and connect it to your bank card to fill it with sweet cash – that you then subsequently use to deposit at your favourite casino. Easy!

The Skrill app is very user-friendly

Make a deposit using Skrill

As explained, all you have to do is open up a Skrill account and choose Skrill as a payment method, if you want to deposit using Skrill. You then navigate to your account and choose deposit → Skrill.

Depending on which device you use, it will then either open the app (iOS, Android) or lead you to their website, where you have to verify your purchase.

After that? Well, nothing. Use your funds to play some blackjack, maybe?

Make a withdrawal using Skrill

The withdrawal method is surprisingly similar. Should you have won enough cash (the minimum withdrawal amount varies from casino to casino), you are able to choose your withdrawal method.

In this case, choose Skrill and you’re pretty much done. You can then choose what to do with your won money, either deposit again or withdraw the money to your bank account – you choose.

What are the requirements?

All you really need to set up an account with Skrill is a working device of any kind – be it smartphone or PC – and proof of ID and address.

Set all of that up and you’re pretty much good to go, and don’t worry too much; the process is really simple here.

Also make sure you’re verified at your casino of choice, since this will make all your depositing/withdrawing that much simpler.

You can use your credit card in the Skrill app

Benefits using Skrill

The benefits are quite easy to explain; you got an E-Wallet on your smartphone that pretty much does all the hard work for you, you just have to feed it with some cash and get going.

So if we had to pick a word, it’d be convenience. The ease of use cannot be understated and you will soon find yourself getting into a flow of depositing with Skrill, which honestly couldn’t be a bigger compliment to the payment method itself.

Cons using Skrill

There are no obvious cons using Skrill, but there are some things to consider nonetheless.

Sending money between Skrill accounts can be quite costly, but that obviously doesn’t influence our opinion on the payment option when it comes to casino deposits or withdrawal.

International money transfers can also take a while, so if you choose to use Skrill as your everyday payment companion, do keep that in mind.

Verify Skrill account

Very similarly to the verification process at a casino, Skrill as a company of course needs to know that you’re, well…you! So in order to do that, you have to verify your identity via a few easy steps.

  1. Provide personal information, including full name address and birth date
  2. Provide a valid, government-issued identity number, for example a social security number or national insurance number
  3. A copy of your ID card, driver’s license or passport
  4. A picture of you holding said identification document in front of your face
  5. And lastly, a proof of name and address, you can use a utility bill or bank statement for that purpose

What is KYC (Know your customer)?

KYC stands for “know your customer” and describes the process we’ve just explained to you. It really is just a fancy acronym for said process, but is nevertheless super important to the overall security of your account.

The KYC process might be daunting for some and a little nuisance at best – but trust us when we say, that it is necessary and there are instances where you’ll be thankful you’ve done it, as rare as they may be.

The app will be conveniently placed in your app drawer


Other Skrill safety features are for example the 128-bit encryption, certified by VeriSign. Now that might sound like a lot of tech mambo-jumbo, but you can believe us; it’s safer than safe.

Skrill is owned by the company PaySafe and has offices at over 20 locations all over the world, while being authorized and regulated by various regulators around the globe too.

So you see – Skrill is as safe as can be.

Skrill App

In our opinion, a good payments app always trumps the website. The interface is usually easier to navigate and better categorized, and the Skrill app is no different.

You don’t have to use the app, but when using a smartphone it pretty much becomes mandatory – that goes for both iOS and Android alike. We would honestly recommend using the app before the browser, but it’s obviously your choice and your preference that counts.

Skrill Fees

For withdrawals and deposits in any of your favourite live casinos, you can rest easy dear reader – no fees apply.

As we previously mentioned, there are fees implied when transferring money from one account to the other internationally – and these vary from country to country.

This isn’t really anything to concern yourself about, since Indian players are going to use this payment method for casinos primarily anyway.

Skrill Offers

Offers are a neat way to incentivise using a certain payment method and Skrill has a neat little buddy system in place to take care of that. You can tell your friends about Skrill and the company will actually pay you for it – you heard right!

For a whole year, they will put 10% of the fees your friends will inevitably generate from paying or sending money into your Skrill account.

You can share Skrill by either a personalized invite link or the “use my referral ID for this payment” option, which are both pretty sweet, if you ask us.


Sadly, the Skrill customer support could use some much needed quality of life improvements. While it does offer phone and email support, a live chat is mysteriously missing – and we can’t quite understand why, especially since payment apps like Revolut offer said service in-app.

It also appears to be a lot more complicated to contact the support team than really necessary, which makes a player hope that no issues arise – luckily, the app and overall payment option seem to be stable enough and thought through, so that contact with their customer support team doesn’t seem all too necessary very often.


Our conclusion is – Skrill is good, even great at times. But there are options that are better suited for Indian players overall, so make of that what you will. In general Skrill is dependable, safe and convenient in all the right spots, so we could without a doubt recommend depositing via Skrill and should luck strike, a withdrawal is just as snappy with these guys.