Paytm Casino Guide

A popular payment method among Indian players, Paytm is India’s most sincere bank. Thanks to the new Paytm wallet, you can recharge your cards, pay for your phone or even pay your electricity bill. Paytk can also be used on gaming sites and is quite a big hit in India.

Why? Well, it’s an innovative banking option often used in online live casinos. Paytm allows fast and easy deposits and withdrawals and is the most popular Indian e-commerce payment system. Built specifically with India in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Indian players love it.

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How to use Paytm

Using the service is completely free. If you have a Paytm account already, you can log into the website and make payments. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it via

Paytm can also be used via a smartphone app. You can make payments directly via your phone – as we’ve seen during our review, it’s a fast and convenient way to do so.

One of the safest Indian payment methods, Paytm makes deposits in online live casinos easy.

Indian Paytm Casinos

Being an Indian payment method itself, it’s no wonder why there are so many Paytm online casino in the Asian country. Paytm is used by a number of merchants – it’s the largest e-commerce website in India.

Thanks to its convenience and ease of use, the number of Paytm online casinos is non-stop on the rise. The user-friendly app can be installed on your phone in seconds and you can start making transactions with ease right away.

Advantages using Paytm




How does Paytm work

To put it simply, Paytm is a mobile e-wallet you can use to make any kind of transactions. It’s quite popular in Indian online casinos since it offers fast and safe transactions.

Follow this guide:

  1. A Paytm account or log into one if you have it
  2. A valid bank account
  3. An online casino that accepts the payment method – the best can be found on this page

If the basics are covered, you can use Paytm to deposit and withdraw in Indian online casinos.

How to make a deposit

Many are confused about making deposits with Paytm, but it’s actually very simple.

To make a deposit, you need:

  1. Visit the Paytm website and find your UPI ID. Copy it
  2. Paste the ID in your mobile app
  3. Accept the payment request on your phone
  4. Wait for the online casino to confirm the transaction
  5. All done!

As you can see, the process is pretty easy.

How to make a withdrawal

Withdrawing is even simpler than making deposits.

To make a withdrawal, you need:

  1. Visit the Cashier page at your favourite online casino
  2. Choose Withdrawal
  3. Select the desired amount
  4. Select Paytm as your withdrawal method
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

Just like deposits, withdrawals with Paytm are pretty simple. If you’re wondering how long will it take, that depends on your casino of choice.

Paytm Requirements




Verify Paytm account

Before you’re able to make withdrawals, you’ll need to verify your Paytm account. With this, the service can verify who you say you are, preventing identity theft and a slew of other problems.

Verify your Paytm account:

  1. Go to the Paytm page
  2. Click on View Profile
  3. Click on Edit under Personal Info
  4. Find your email address and click on Verify Now
  5. Confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation mail in your email inbox
  6. Do the same with the phone number

Further verification will be required before making a withdrawal. You can send the requested documents online or via the closest KYC point.

KYC Point

As mentioned, to verify your Paytm account and make withdrawals, you’ll need to provide some identity documents. You can do this by following the guide on the website or visiting a KYC point closest to you.

You can visit the Paytm website to get a location for all the KYC points in your areas. There’s a handy table below we’ve created which will list most KYC points you can visit. In-person verification via a KYC point is required to complete a full KYC.

What is KYC (Know your customer)?

For those unaware, KYC is short for Know Your Customer. It’s a set of guidelines payment methods must follow to verify a customer’s identity.

Per RBI guidelines in India, you must complete a so-called minimum KYC to use Paytm for 24 months. A full KYC requires in-person verification by visiting a KYC point.

In short, KYC is kind of a safety net that ensures you are who you say you are.


Paytm has taken numerous safety precautions that will keep your personal data safe and sound. The service promises not to expose your personal account details or any of your transactions by a third party.

It uses secure (SSL) encryption on its website and in its app, making sure you’re safe & secure from hackers. Apart from KYC, PayTM tries its best to keep your profile secure and from what we’ve seen during this review, it succeeds.

Paytm App

The Paytm is a great mobile app that you can use to easily send and receive payments. It has all the functionality of the website packed for your convenience and use on smaller screens. Available on Android and iOS handheld devices, the Paytm app can be used on smartphones and tablets.

If you’re like us and you prefer to play on the go, you surely love to pay on the go as well. The Paytm app is a safe & secure way to do so. Thanks to the ease of use, it’s much more convenient than using the website.

Paytm Fees

There are no fees charged via the Paytm app if you use a bank account to fund it or you use Paytm Cash. However, there’s a newly-imposed transaction fee on Visa and Mastercard credit card payments which equals to 2% for all categories sans taxes and 2.5% for taxes.

The fee for using Visa and Mastercard debit is 1.25%. The highest fee is 3% for American Express.

Paytm Offers

Besides offering fast and safe transactions, Paytm also provides you with exciting cashback and other offers. Use the service often and you’ll receive a slew of rewards. For example, if you recharge your DTH, you’ll get recharge offers in the app frequently.

Exclusive stuff such as cashbacks are also on offer. The Paytm offers is one of the things we loved about the payment method. Thanks to them, it can be said that it’s more than a payment method.


The customer support team at Paytm is always online to help you find a solution to your problems. We were surprised to see that it doesn’t offer email or live chat support. Instead, there are four different phone numbers for different areas of service.

You can get in touch with a customer care representative by calling the corresponding number you see in your app. The response times are pretty fast as we’re witnessed. You might not be getting live chat, but at least you’ll get a fast response.


If you love playing online casino games as much as we do, Paytm should be your payment method. It is specifically aimed at Indian players and offers fast, safe, and secure transactions. Paytm is the largest and most respected e-commerce website payment method in India, so why not go with it?

Need any more convincing? Here are two reasons – it is present in almost all Indian online casinos and has plenty of offers and rewards for regulars. How’s that sound?

Paytm FAQ

Paytm is an Indian online payment methods for secure transactions in online casinos and e-commerce websites.
Yes. As a matter of fact, most online casinos in India recommend using this method.
You can make transactions with Paytm via a mobile app at any online casino or online merchant.
To send money from one Paytm account to another, you can enter the mobile phone number or scan the QR code.
Absolutely. It sticks to BRI guidelines and requests a KYC confirmation to verify your identity so you can use the service.