Neteller Casino Guide

To every Indian player who loves live casino games, Neteller should be a memorable brand – if not, LiveCasinoGuide has put together everything you need to know about this payment method. An eWallet in its essence, Neteller offers a lot of features that casino players will grow to love, especially considering the vast variety of live casinos that offer Neteller as a payment method from the get-go. Let’s find out, how good Neteller really is and if you should get it to deposit for your next casino adventure, shall we?

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LeoVegas Casino

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How to use Neteller

If you already have a Neteller account – good! Then you don’t need this section.

For the rest? Read carefully, because whether you like it or not, you have to create an account to make use of this payment service.

Luckily, this is an easy process, which is a huge benefit in our books. All you need to do is either download the app on your smartphone via the Play Store or Appstore respectively and sign up with your email.

Neteller India Casinos

Obviously the main reason we’re talking about this eWallet is because we want to find out, if it’s suitable as a deposit and withdrawal method for Indian live casino players.

The short answer is yes! You can absolutely use Neteller as your main payment method, providing your live casino of choice actually does offer Neteller.

But don’t worry, most Indian live casinos do offer Neteller nowadays, so your choice doesn’t have to be limited to finding your perfect payment method.

How does Neteller work

Being primarily an eWallet (you can order their MasterCard if you want to, but we’ll ignore this fact for the purpose of this section), you can expect all the major functionalities a modern digital wallet will offer.

We’ll try and tailor it towards your casino experience however, so we’ll tell you exactly how Neteller works – and how you can deposit using this payment method.

Whether you use the smartphone app or their website, the process is pretty much the same, so you can expect the same smooth experience on whatever device you choose to play on.

Make a deposit using Neteller

Making a deposit with Neteller is as easy as with all the other payment providers – but for your convenience, we’ve compiled a nifty little bullet list for you to go through if in doubt.

This is how you make a deposit:

  1. Open up an account on both your casino of choice and Neteller alike – both services will require you to verify your identity, so keep that ID of yours handy.
  2. Navigate to the “make a deposit” section of your favorite casino and choose Neteller as a payment method.
  3. Choose the amount you want to deposit and agree – you will then be taken to either the Neteller app or their website, depending on which device you’re using.
  4. Verify your deposit and wait for the app/website to take you back to the casino. Bingo! You just deposited using Neteller.

Make a withdrawal using Neteller

Similarly, making a withdrawal with Neteller couldn’t be easier. All you have to do, is navigate to your account and to the “my funds” section to initiate the withdrawal. Find out what’s next in the section below.

This is how you make a withdrawal:

  1. Navigate to your account and click on “withdraw now”.
  2. Choose Neteller as your payment option and agree.
  3. Verify the withdrawal.
  4. You’re good to go!

What are the requirements?

The requirements for various payment providers do vary, but Neteller holds itself pretty stock standard here. All you need is an email address and some provided information, including a valid, government-issued ID card or passport, and you’re pretty much set.

We can understand, that providing such documents might be reason for apprehension for some – but trust us when we say, providing said documents is a sure-fire way of securing you and your funds and Neteller can be trusted when it comes to said data.

Benefits using Neteller

Like other eWallets, the convenience of Neteller cannot be overstated. It’s a lightweight app that can be found neatly tucked into your app drawer or home screen and is readily available with just one tap.

But other eWallets do that too, so what makes Neteller so special? Well, for one it’s available at most live casinos that are worth playing at – and the 1999 founded company is available at roughly 200 countries, so the availability is a big plus for sure.

The cool thing about Neteller is that they offer a VIP program, so the more transactions you make, the higher your status will be – signified by ranks from bronze until diamond, which is definitely a neat touch.

Cons using Neteller

There are fees involved when making transactions with Neteller, so that is one big con we can see when it comes to our high-roller audience. A fee of up to 2.5% can be applied to your deposit/withdrawal but it highly depends on the casino you’re looking at.

If you spend a lot of your funds with wild casino fun, that is something to consider. Another thing we didn’t quite like so much is the long waiting time when it comes to their customer support – a tech company in 2020 shouldn’t take this long to reply, especially not when it comes to our hard-earned rupees.

The verification process is very easy

Verify Neteller account

In order for you to help the company to keep your account safe, you need to verify it is really you that holds your funds.

You can do so, by sending a picture of the front and back of your ID, a selfie of you holding your ID, and proof of name and address. This can be any utility bill like electricity or internet, which is standard procedure nowadays.

What is KYC (Know your customer)?

The KYC process is what is described in the section you just read and stands for “know your customer”. This is really important, so listen up casino-fan – you need to verify your account in both the casino and Neteller, to make sure your money is safe.

A lot of people see this as a daunting or even sketchy task, but in all reality you’re doing this for yourself more than anything.


Your security – and the security of your cash – should be the most important value a company can have when you sign up with them. Neteller is no different, and with all the newest encryption services in place, this surely is taken care of.

Neteller also enables the player and account owner to verify his account details with a neat two-factor authentication feature, which works just as smoothly as you’d expect.

Neteller App

Every good eWallet only earns its name and mention on LiveCasinoGuide, if it has a good app to make your life easier. And Neteller does, no doubt about that.

The app has all the features you’d expect, and even goes above and beyond to make the verification process in-app and accessible. The app is free and available on both Android and iPhone devices, via the Play Store and App Store respectively.

In our opinion, the app is the way to go, but their website offers the same functionalities.

Neteller Fees

Some casinos might charge you up to 2.5% of your deposit/withdrawal as a fee for using Neteller, and of course, international transfers will cost you too – but for the sake of keeping things simple and you know, strictly casino, we can ignore the international aspect of it all.

These charges might not sound like much for a one time deposit, but should you want to be part of the casino elite, you better watch those 2 odd percent – they might add up. Something to keep in mind, at least.

Neteller Offers

Netellers VIP program has found a brief mention in our LiveCasinoGuide review, and for good reason. Any offer that incentivizes using a specific payment provider over the other and offers nice bonuses, is a winner in our books.

You rise in ranks, from bronze to diamond by, you guessed it – transferring money. Some of the benefits of raising your Neteller rank include but are not limited to enabling multiple currency accounts, a dedicated VIP manager (amazing!), limit increases and higher cash ATM withdrawals.


We’ve arrived at what could possibly be described as Netellers “Achilles heel”. Their customer support is…well, how do we say this, kind of sluggish.

The wait times are long and it doesn’t seem to be the company’s primary focus, which seems odd to us – since their customer’s wellbeing should be at the forefront for any payment provider.

We just hope that this will improve in the future since it really is the only big problem with Neteller.


In conclusion? Neteller is a great alternative to payment options like PayPal, should your desired casino not offer it. A snappy app, easy sign-up and a sick VIP program are all good reasons to go with these guys, and then some.

If the customer support issues are resolved, you could be looking at one of the best payment options in the live casino world.