Casino Payment Methods

We’ve arrived at arguably one of the most essential parts of playing online casino; the payment methods. Many players – before even having a look at the games on offer or other factors like bonuses – will choose they’re preferred casino by the payment methods on offer.

We’ve created accounts with all major Indian casinos to inform you of the ins and outs of making payments back and forth – with style. Let’s talk about it.

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Guide to Online Casino Banking

The key to finding out what payment methods you want can be trial and error – but let’s face it, we don’t always have time for that. That’s why the casinos we test tend to focus on lightning-fast withdrawals and smooth deposits alike. Your casino experience highly depends on the reliability and speed of your withdrawals and naturally so! With that being said, it really is key you find a casino that has the payment methods you need and deserve. Let’s talk about it.

Which is the Best Payment Method?

Playing casino in India requires a certain amount of know-how, we have established that by now. Talking about the “best” payment method in that sense isn’t as clear-cut as it might seem, however. For Indian players E-wallets such as Google Pay (Android being the most commonly used device in our beautiful country), PayTM, Neteller and Skrill work best since they all possess fast processing time and total anonymity for the player. A neat plus is, that once set up, it all works like a charm.

How we rate payment methods

A lot of payment methods, a lot of different things to factor in; but in this comprehensive guide, we test those methods for you – so you don’t have to. We have tried all these popular payment methods and this is how we test them.

  • Payouts – Fast payouts and a no-fuss attitude.
  • User-Friendliness – Easy to use apps and even easier to understand payment processes.
  • Security – The number one factor is safety; we want to make sure any payment method you use is secure.
  • Extra fees – No extra fees involved, if possible.
  • Anonymity – You will stay anonymous at all times with these payment methods.

We’ve spoken about it and now we’re going to show you; the most popular payment methods for live casinos in India. Obviously, it is really hard to ascertain if a method is “popular” or not from just looking at what’s on offer on the respective casino. But you’re in luck dear reader, since our team is comprised of some true casino veterans, which means we’re in the know. Below you will find a list of all the most popular payment methods in India.

Credit and Debit Card

Not all players have credit cards or even debit cards, that’s why a lot of different methods exist, to give you the flexibility you need. The advantage of depositing with a credit/debit card is that it’s pretty much instant, no waiting times required. The disadvantage is, that some casinos will not let you withdraw to your credit card, which might be a dealbreaker for some.


As previously mentioned, E-Wallets have a few key advantages. Anonymity, ease-of-use and the fast deposit/withdrawal access. Plus you can always connect your E-Wallet to your bank or debit card, so you have full flexibility when it comes to your eventual winnings. In our opinion, E-Wallets are the best choice for Indian casino players, hands down.

Bank Transfer

While bank transfers can be slow and sluggish, making you wait for your anticipated withdrawal, there is a system called IMPS – standing for “Immediate Payment Service”. This service makes it possible for Indian players, to, you guessed it, immediately deposit and withdraw money from various services. This is handy, because it eliminates the need for any third party app – you will continue using just your bank card.


The king of E-Wallets has to get its own mention, we find. PayPal has established itself as the most trustworthy and most commonly used payment method out there and for good reason. The popularity of the E-Wallet however doesn’t always transcend to all casinos out there, so make sure that your casino of choice offers PayPal as a  transaction method beforehand – should your choice be PayPal in the first place, that is.

Digital E-Wallets

Let’s talk about E-Wallets a bit more in depth, shall we? The main advantages have already been mentioned. Security, ease-of-access/use and anonymity, paired with fast deposits and withdrawals. What’s not to love? The fact that you can also pair your preferred digital wallet with your main bank account or credit card also is a key factor to the popularity and widespread usage of these digital wallets. Here are some of our favourites.


Similar to PayPal, the MuchBetter payment method lets you connect it to a VISA/MasterCard to easily top it up or withdraw, giving you tons of flexibility in the process. The game is in the name, “MuchBetter” really pulls no punches and has become one of our favourite E-Wallets to use while testing all the different casinos. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s secure. What more could you want?


The advantages that the Skrill e-wallet possesses, are that opposed to other, similar companies, Skrill takes on more risk than other payment processors such as PayPal. It’s known for excellent security measures to make up the risk being taken on. Another thing to consider is that Skrill has been known to allow payments for more “risky” industries, such as – case and point – the casino industry, which is often shut down by banks all around the world.


Neteller is a great service if you need to transfer/withdraw money internationally – and fast. If we’d have to measure Neteller with stars, we’d give it 4 stars overall. Why is that, you ask? Only 4 stars because Skrill recently removed the ability for users to cash in/cash out to MasterCard, which some might consider something to at least mention. It’s up to you, if you consider that a dealbreaker or not.


SOFORT Banking is a payment method that is available in 8 European countries so far, is highly popular in Germany (where it originated, indicated by the name meaning “right now”) and, funny enough in India. The payment method is based on the principle of a bank transfer. The advantage of the payment method is that it eliminates human error, making it a simple and fast way to pay.

Choose the best payment method

This one is very tricky. Each payment method shares similarities but also differences and is also highly subjective. Meaning – every player prefers a different style of deposit/withdrawal and your personal preferences may differ and influence your decision making. However, there are some unified attributes that – for us – determines if a payment method is worthwhile or not. Here are some of them, conveniently listed. You know us by now, we like convenience.


It is of vital importance, that the currency each player uses is represented within the casino. Because let’s face it – who wants to calculate every rupee they spend and transfer it to, say dollars? Exchange rates fluctuate, so it just pays off, using a payment method that lets you pay in your preferred currency, the same goes for any casino out there. So do yourself a favour and check up on those things before you start spinning or stacking cards, will you?


Licensing is a tricky business in the casino industry, but we love our transparency. Therefore all the casinos we test, are regulated by the MGA – The Malta Gaming Authority. This authority has brought it upon themselves to audit the casinos applying for their license, which has strict rules and regulations said casinos must follow. That includes payments, responsible gaming features, and overall gaming catalog, as well as compliance of terms and conditions.

Payment Apps

We’re living in the age of digitalization – and what better way to display that, than with moving your entire wealth onto a digital wallet? Most payment apps have apps you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store respectively and these apps make all the difference in our opinion. You’re in control the whole time and what’s best, is that you will get instant payment confirmation on your smartphone. You can pay directly via the app, confirm the purchase and will be redirected to your favourite casino. It doesn’t get more 2020 than this.


ecoPayz has been around for a while now – and for good reason. This gambling specialized payment app uses state-of-the-art security and fraud protection, making it especially valuable for online casino players from India. SSL, TLS and two-step-authentication make sure your payments are as secure and easy to process as possible. A big secret tip from us, this one!


Another online casino focussed payment app, this one leaves you with instant deposits and lightning-fast withdrawals alike. Similar to its cousin ecoPayz, Boku possesses brand-new security protocols and an equal amount of other safety measures, letting you rest easy when playing a hand of blackjack or two. While the app isn’t as flashy as ecoPayz, we certainly enjoy the ease of use and simple navigation overall.

Deposit Methods

Being active casino players ourselves, making a deposit is something we don’t take lightly. There are plenty of methods to use, but for us only speed and security count – the rest is pure luxury. When it comes to depositing, there are a few apps, methods and E-Wallets to consider, but in our books, nothing beats the E-Wallet in convenience, ease-of-use and security. Let’s talk about the key factors when depositing for a bit, shall we?

How do I make a deposit?

The actual deposit is easily made; sign up in your favourite casino, let’s say LeoVegas for example; verify yourself to make things simpler for you and the casino and head on over to the “payments”, “account” or “my wallet” section, the names differ from casino to casino – but we think you get the picture. Choose your preferred payment method, enter your credentials and voilá – you’ve just made your deposit. We can’t stress this enough, but E-Wallets are really the best way to do so for Indian players.

Withdrawal Methods

This is where it gets interesting; most casinos will only let you withdraw to the same method, you deposited with, and for good reason. That reason is called security, it really is for your own good. Not being able to switch payment methods only makes sure it really is you who receives eventual winnings, makes sense right? Withdrawals are always better when you don’t have to wait for them, so we always focus on speed with these.

How do I make a withdrawal?

Let’s say you hit it big on the roulette tables or cracked the jackpot of your favourite slot game (ours is Vikings go Berzerk, in case you wanted to know) – but what now? You obviously have two choices here. Use said money to keep on playing or withdraw. In case you want to take your money out, lightning-fast withdrawals are of the essence. We recommend any E-Wallet for this procedure.

Which is the safest payment method?

Just in case we sound like a broken record player, but we can’t stress this enough; for Indian casino players, E-Wallets are the safest bet, pun-intended. Why is that you ask? Well, as previously mentioned, the safety measures of these digital money holders are unparalleled, but the most important part is anonymity. You will be safe and sound depositing and withdrawing money with one of these bad boys, so the answer is clear – E-Wallets take this prize.

What is the Usual Withdrawal Time of Winnings?

So you’ve processed your first withdrawal and now you’re waiting for the money to come in. Depending on how fast the particular casino handles their withdrawals, it can take a couple of days for that money to arrive in your payment method of choice. Which brings us to our next fork in the road, your payment method. Card payments can take up to 2-5 days before being processed, whereas payment apps and E-Wallets can be instantaneous, depending on the type. Choose wisely!

What is the processing time?

We refer to the time it takes for any individual casino to process the withdrawal from the time when you requested it, to the arrival of your money in your account as “processing time”. As aforementioned, this time can vary from casino to casino or even from time to time, since some casinos experience more or less traffic at different times of the week. Our listed casinos, however, are all pretty swift with their processing times, due to being mostly automated. Consult the respective customer support team for more answers.

What security measures are taken?

The biggest security measure is called the “KYC”, also known as “Know your customer” check. You are required to verify your accounts identity by sending A a copy of your ID card/passport plus a proof of address and B a copy of your payment method or authentification protocol of your respective app/E-Wallet. This will make 100% sure, that your deposits and withdrawals are safe, landing with you – not somebody else.