Monopoly Live Casino Review

If you’re a fan of board games and cozy evenings with family and friends, monopoly will be very familiar to you.

This game has been a staple in our households and reason for many feuds for decades – time to bring it to your smartphone, but with a twist. A wheel of fortune like game with a slick presenter instead of a dealer, monopoly live by Evolution Gaming has caught our attention big time.

In our LiveCasinoGuide review, you’ll find out if this game is worth your time or not. Let’s talk about it!

How does Live Monopoly work

While the rules might be a little different from regular monopoly, the live monopoly rules are very simple too. The core of the whole game is a wheel of fortune style tv-show kind of thing, think dream catcher for example.

At the beginning of each round the game host spins the wheel – which like other wheel of fortune games – has segments on it and your task is, to guess where it will eventually stop.

If you’re right, you will receive a payout that is equal to the number you bet on. Example? Bet on 5, your payout will correspond to 5x your bet. Easy, right? The minimum bet is just 10 rupees, which means that even casual players can enjoy this exciting live game.

How to play Live Monopoly

As explained, the premise here is incredibly simple. Nevertheless, let us guide you through the steps one by one, just so we’re clear about the basics here. Ready?

  1. Choose a live casino (we would recommend LeoVegas)
  2. Locate Live Monopoly in the casino
  3. Place your bet
  4. Wait for the presenter/host to spin the wheel
  5. Hopefully see your lucky number getting hit and enjoy those sweet bet multipliers!

Bets, odds and payouts on Live Monopoly

The payouts are just as simple as the game principle itself. Bets are one-way bets: you bet on a number, and the number itself determines the payout.

Hit a 2? It’ll double your bet. Hit a 5? 5x your bet, you get the picture. So bets and payouts are immediately intertwined, making it a second thought when playing the game.

The plus? You can focus on the neat atmosphere and overall pizzaz of the tv-show themed live game.

BetQuantityChance of hittingPayout
2 ROLLS35.56%Up to ₹41,000,000
4 ROLLS11.85%Up to ₹41,000,000

Key Features

There are comparably few key features to keep your mind busy with, but they are key to success if you will. We’ve talked about the main principle of the live game enough, so let’s focus on the neat bonus features of the game.

There’s two in number; chance and rolls. In the chance bonus game, Mr.Monopoly will appear with a card that will either give you a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus.

Rolls requires you to correctly guess if the wheel will stop at 2 or 4 rolls and you will enter a 3D bonus game – a virtually augmented board game, where Mr.Monopoly will walk around collecting prizes and multipliers to add to your bankroll.

Live Monopoly Rules

The rules here are literally twofold; the first rule is, bet on the number you think the wheel will stop at.

The second one is looking out for the bonus games, which we explained in the section above. So really…that’s it folks.

There is no other rule that you need to look out for, other than the minimum and maximum bet amounts – we’re sure it’s not too much to remember, so just enjoy live monopoly in all its simplicity.

Mobile Live Monopoly

Playing mobile games has become increasingly fun and desirable for a number of reasons, specifically the mobility and “here and now” nature of the whole shebang.

Mobile live monopoly cuts into the same log, so to speak, with sweet graphics and a tactile feeling courtesy of Evolution Gaming’s fantastic mobile gaming software.

Whether you play on Android or iOS, the TV-show nature of the game won’t miss its mark and we love the immersive experience.

Theme and feel

The theme and feel is a stark reminder of the era of game shows in the 80’s and 90’s – with a big mix-in of monopoly, naturally. And that is the biggest appeal of the game in our honest opinion!

You really do feel like you’ve landed in an actual game show, but way more interactive than just picking up your phone and calling the show to place your guess. Enjoy true gameshow feeling in the palm of your hand, friend.


The minimum bet is 10 rupees – that should give you an idea about who exactly this game is for. Hint? It isn’t exactly a high roller game.

It’s meant for casual players that do enjoy a certain amount of atmosphere and a show that seeks its equal. Generally speaking, the immersion and atmosphere are the game’s strongest points and Evolution’s perfect interface reflects that.

Bottom line? It is a game for all of you luxurious seeking live players, that don’t want to work 24/7 on a strategy to up the ante.

Can I use a Strategy?

In all honesty – you could. But should you? We don’t think so.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t your high-class grade A high roller game, so just relax, take a seat and stop thinking about intricate strategies for a while – we can’t begin to tell you how soothing that can be.

So if you want our take on it, we’d just stick the strategy onto the “blackjack” board for once and start playing a few cool rounds of live monopoly.

Why you should play Live Monopoly (Advantages)?

The main advantage here is clear; the relaxed atmosphere and the professional and charming dealers are the main focal point here.

Enjoy the atmosphere, revel in the fact that you don’t have to sweat too much about coming up with a strategy or pretend you’re a huge high-roller or something – just enjoy the game for what it is.

Honestly, it’s a huge strength and a breath of fresh air in the constant stream of high profile games.

Disadvantages of Live Monopoly

Having said what we just did, you can clearly see that for certain types of players, this game isn’t exactly suited.

It would definitely be a bit too boring for some veteran players who are used to playing thrilling casino games like blackjack or roulette – so try to evaluate what kind of a player you are before starting to play live monopoly.

For anyone else? Do give it a try, it’s worth a shot for the atmosphere alone.

Live Monopoly Dealer

The dealers – let’s call them presenters or hosts in this instance, since they really don’t do a lot of dealing cards here – are what makes this game so fantastic to play.

They’re charming, smooth and really are the cherry on top of that game show like cake, if you will. Please, do yourself a favour and drop them a line in the chat, they love it – and it gives the whole game a new dimension overall.

Why You Have to Try This Game

You owe it to yourself to breathe every now and then, and we do not mean oxygen in this instance – please always breathe, if given the chance.

What we mean is, it’s relaxed, it’s smooth and it’s no less luxurious than other wheel of fortune games, so just sit back, take in the immersive scenery and play some live monopoly to make it a perfect evening.

All in all? We fell in love with this little gem and we’re quite sure that you will too.