Dream Catcher Live Casino Review

I remember as a kid, sometimes I would zap over to tv-channels that showed game shows like wheel of fortune. This is exactly the feeling I get, when playing Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming.

Revealed and subsequently released at 2017’s ICE industry gaming event, this live dealer game has made quite the impact on the industry as a whole.

Catered towards gamers that usually don’t play table games, it’s the perfect intermediate pastime for casual players. But how good is it really? Let’s talk about it.

How does Dream Catcher work

The concept itself, is surprisingly simple. As mentioned, this isn’t your high-roller table game like blackjack and therefore lives more off of the atmosphere it creates, rather than complex rules and applied strategies.

Simply put; you choose a chip size, place a bet and the presenter or host spins the wheel – if the number you picked happens to be the number 1 and it ends up to be shown, your payout will be 1 to 1.

You can pick up to six individual numbers to increase the probability of your number getting hit, but beware of the toll that takes on your bankroll! Also relevant are the black segments of the wheel which give you – you guessed it – sweet multipliers to definitely look out for.

How to play Dream Catcher

Let’s go through the list of how to play live Dream Catcher, shall we?

  1. Choose a live casino that offers Dream Catcher in the first place.
  2. Locate Dream Catcher in the casino lobby – you will usually find it in its own section.
  3. Choose your chip size
  4. Place your chips and make a bet
  5. Watch the wheel spin
  6. Reap your rewards!

Bets and payouts on Dream Catcher

Bets and payouts differ vastly depending on which many numbers you picked and which color segment the wheel lands on, we have compiled a nifty little table to show you the different payouts.

BetQuantityChance of hittingPayout
1 (YELLOW)2342.59%1:1
2 (BLUE)1527.8%2:1
5 (PURPLE)712.96%5:1
10 (GREEN)47.41%10:1
20 (ORANGE)23.7%20:1
40 (RED)11.85%40:1
2X MULTIPLIER11.85%Multiplies payout of next winning number by 2x
7X MULTIPLIER11.85%Multiplies payout of next winning number by 7x

Key Features

Summarizing the key features of Dream Catcher can prove very simple or quite difficult, depending on the approach.

In essence, this game is reminiscent of wheel of fortune game shows, and the whole atmosphere and immersion is supposed to come from exactly that. We haven’t quite seen anything like what Evolution has pulled off here.

The gameplay is simple as discussed, but we honestly think the main feature is the atmosphere – and you will get a lot of immersion from that alone.

Dream Catcher Rules

The rules couldn’t be simpler to understand, really the only rule you have to remember, is that you place your chips on various numbers and watch the wheel spin for a hopeful win.

Watch out for the multiplier segments which will drastically boost your payouts – which is really the main reason this game is so widely popular since the multipliers really are what you should be looking forward to when playing live Dream Catcher.

You will understand the rules after your first round

Mobile Dream Catcher

It might seem a bit strange to some, playing a wheel of fortune game on your smartphone, we get that. But in all honesty, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Turn your device to landscape mode and tap away, it works like a charm on both iOS and Android devices alike! We’re used to Evolution Gaming delivering crisp HD streams and Dream Catcher is no different here.

The smaller screens of most mobile devices make sure the pixel density is used to its fullest and we would really recommend you to play Dream Catcher on your smartphone.

Theme and feel

This is our favourite part of the game. The sounds, the music, the atmosphere – it all really feels like a game show and that’s the charm of the game.

With one key difference; the theme is decidedly dark and the heart-pounding music adds to the thrill of the game, quite astonishing what good music can do to a game!

We honestly think this game is worth checking out for the music and atmosphere alone, but you go ahead and decide for yourself.

Betting interface

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – this is not your typical casino elite high-roller game. That doesn’t mean however, that you can’t bet or win big!

Quite the contrary. The lack of any needed strategy, might not appeal to the luxurious casino veterans, but the maximum payout of up to 500,000 rupees might.

This is where the Dream Catcher multipliers set their limit, in the – albeit unlikely – event a player should reach that high of a multiplier in the first place.

The betting interface is also superbly done, with crisp button layouts in true Evolution Gaming style.

Can I use a Strategy?

We have seen suggestions for strategies for this game, and honestly…we think you should just enjoy this game without worrying too much about your approach.

The live dealer game is far too simplistic and relies too much on luck, as to warrant any sort of strategy. If anything, you can adjust your betting amount similar to the martingale strategy in live roulette – but we think that this is the extent of strategy you can apply to live Dream Catcher.

Why you should play Live Dream Catcher (Advantages)?

  • Getting lucky will enable you to hit big payouts. During Dream Catcher, you will be able to win up to x500 your bet, especially when hitting those multipliers – this is incredibly rare, however.
  • A big plus is that it definitely is a change of pace from other casino games like blackjack and teen patti – and much more relaxed too, despite the heart-pounding music.
  • Evolution Gaming just knows how to design games and especially interfaces. Enjoy a smooth HD live stream with a crisp gaming interface, no compromises made
The Live Presenter spins the wheel, chats with players and announces winning numbers.

Dream Catcher Live Dealer

The live dealer – let’s call him/her presenter or host in this instance, since there’s really not a lot of dealing to be done here – is the star of the show.

Not only does the host spin the wheel for you, but he/she will also engage in chatter with the audience and obviously announce the winners, which is equally as exciting – and you can feel the presenters getting more excited the more wins are being given out.

The gameplay is simple, granted – but that means the dealer needs to shine even more. Full of charisma and professional to the tee, these hosts make sure Dream Catcher does indeed feel like a game show through and through.

Our suggestion would be to chat to these guys. They really do love engaging with the players and it creates a nice atmosphere too.

Why You Have to Try This Game

We’re not going to say try this game under any circumstances – but that’s exactly what we’re telling you to do. Look, we get it – roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are beautifully realized games that are the dream of every Indian casino player.

But Dream Catcher might just be the breath of fresh air you needed – a beautiful interface, a fun game that sets itself apart by being decidedly luxurious and out of the ordinary. Do yourself a favour, try Dream Catcher. You won’t be disappointed.