Jhandi Munda Online Casino Game

A game deeply rooted in Indian culture, Jhandi Munda originally appeared in Arunachal Pradesh in the VIII century. It’s a traditional Indian dice betting game you can play with friends or in online casinos.

Jhandi Munda is incredibly popular in India, a country where traditions are treated with utmost respect. Like most casino games, Jhandi Munda moved online a few decades ago, becoming available to an even wider range of players.

You can now play it for real money at online casinos and win cash fit for a Maharaja.

Best Jhandi Munda Casinos

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How to play Jhandi Munda Online

In the past, Jhandi Munda was played by Indians as a social game for a few friendly rounds. It became far more competitive when it moved online. The fact that you can play Jhandi Munda in Indian live casinos for real money is very attractive to Indian gaming fans.

Playing it online is even simpler than playing ‘offline’. Virtual games usually come with guidelines on how to play the game, making it easier for new casino players. Plus, you get to try it for free. You know, just like going for a round of Jhandi Munda with a yaar.

Basics to play

The game is played with 6 six-sided dice. The symbols on it are also present on the table. The symbols are diamond, heart, spade, face, flag, and club. The objective of the game is simple – bet on which symbols you think will appear on the dice when it rolls.

A popular game during the Dashami and Tihar festivals, Jhandi Munda is also known under the name Crown and Anchor outside of Indian. Here are the basics:

  • The game begins with you placing a bet on the symbol you think it’s going to appear the most
  • The organizer rolls the dice and checks the symbols
  • If your selected symbols appear face-up, you win
  • The selected symbol that turns face-up is called Jhandi – that’s where the game’s name comes from

Jhandi Munda Rules

There are no specific gameplay rules with the online version of Jhandi Munda. You simply bet on the symbol to turn face-up and wait for the results.

However, there are rules for payouts depending on how many Jhandi you got right.

  • 1 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 1x
  • 2 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 2x
  • 3 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 3x
  • 4 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 4x
  • 5 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 5x
  • 6 Jhandi – payout equals your stake + 6x

Although getting 6 Jhandi right every round is near impossible, Jhandi Munda’s online RTP is an impressive 97.40%.

Best Jhandi Munda Casinos for Real Money

As mentioned, Jhandi Munda online can be played for real money. With a high RTP, you have the opportunity to hit really big wins. In terms of winning money, it’s a whole different story than the game you play at Tihar.

The great thing about the online variant is that you can play it with ‘fake money’ for free. It’s a great way to practice, but to be honest, not nearly as exciting as the real deal. Play live Jhandi Munda online for real cash and you’ll be in for quite the riksha ride.

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Jhandi Munda Game Requirements

Playing Jhandi Munda online isn’t that demanding when it comes to hardware. You don’t need a top-spec PC that can (maybe) run Crysis in order to play the Indian game. Software, on the other hand, matters a lot.

If you want to experience live Jhandi Munda properly, you’ll need a good live casino with good software. Ezugi is currently the best live Jhandi Munda provider. Play this studio’s variant and you’ll enjoy the Indian game the way it was meant to be.

Software requirements

As mentioned, the most important aspect of playing live Jhandi Munda online is the software. Here’s what you’ll need to enjoy the game properly:

  • A good and licensed live casino
  • Software providers such as Super Spade and Ezugi
  • User-friendly betting interface and crisp-clear live stream
  • Recent Android or iOS software version

Live Jhandi Munda isn’t a demanding game. If you want to enjoy it like you’re playing at Tahit, stick to the aforementioned requirements and pick a live casino from our designated toplist.

Hardware requirements

The hardware requirements to play Jhandi Munda online are not that demanding. You will need:

  • A smartphone no older than 2-3 years
  • 3G/4G-Wi-Fi connection
  • Debit/credit card or e-wallet (to fund your account)
  • Basic knowledge of the rules (check out our guide)
  • Verified account in a casino

As you can see, you don’t need a brand-new phone to play the game. Live Jhandi Munda online has been optimized for use on all types of screens. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on your phone or tablet – the game will look great.

Jhandi Munda Essentials

The Indian game of Jhandi Munda is a chance-based dice game. Some skill can help you win a few rounds, but mostly, it’s all about luck. On the streets, it’s played among yaars and offers a lot of solitary fun. Online, Jhandi Munda is a whole different experience that can bring you serious cash.

The game differs from regular casino and dice games in the fact that it’s played with 6 dice. Get all the symbols right, and you may be in for quite a nice prize. Thanks to that, playing it online is a whole different beast.

Is Online Jhandi Munda Legal?

The legal status of online gambling in India can be described as a bit of a grey zone. Chance-based casino table games such as baccarat, roulette, keno, and in this case, Jhandi Munda, are not allowed. However, you can play at foreign casinos that accept Indian players without worrying about the consequences.

No one has ever been slapped with a fine for playing Jhandi Munda online. Just find a good live casino and enjoy it without a worry on your mind. If you want to learn more about the legal state of online gambling in India, you can check out our guide ‘Is online casino legal in India?’

Winning Potential

As mentioned, the RTP of the game is 97.40% which is better than some hit slots. With such a RTP, the game has a pretty nice winning potential. However, it depends on the version you’re playing.

Checking out the hot and cold symbols might give you an idea on what you need to place your bets on. This is a trick that might improve the winning potential of the game. This is something you don’t when playing Jhandi Munda on the streets of Mumbai.

Jhandi Munda Strategy

Chance-based games such as Jhandi Munda can’t be played with strategies. Sure, there are some that might work like the Martingale in roulette, but no strategy on these games guarantees a win. If anyone says differently, they’re wrong.

On the other hand, online Jhandi Munda gives you the hot and cold symbols on the interface so you can make better predictions. That’s a kind of a Jhandi Munda win trick we could share.

If you come across a Jhandi Munda winning strategy online, you better not believe it.

Jhandi Munda Variations

There aren’t that many Jhandi Munda variants, but you can find a few online. Most of them differ in terms of payouts. Some pay over 3 times for 1 Jhandi and more if you get several right.

However, the most popular variant to date is the ‘stock’ Jhandi Munda game. This is the best choice for Indian players who are used to playing it on the streets. If you want the most authentic experience, this variant is the best. If you want bigger payouts, you can try the rest.

Jhandi Munda Online or Live

There are two variants of Jhandi Munda online – the regular and live variant. The regular variant is controlled by an RNG and doesn’t have the elements of a live dealer game.

However, with it being a social game at its core, Live Jhandi Munda is way better. You’ll be playing against a human dealer like the yaar you’re playing at a table on the streets during Tahir.

The live variant of Jhandi Munda is a hundred times more exciting and we recommend it wholeheartedly.


There’s no better way to enjoy Jhandi Munda online than its live variant. You’ll be playing against a human dealer you can even chat to. This variant is much better than the RNG version. It’s more exciting, more social, and more entertaining.

Live Jhandi Munda is hard to find, but most Indian online casinos have it. If you want the full experience from the streets, this is the variant to go with.


If you can’t play Live Jhandi Munda, the online RNG variant is the next best thing. In this one, you’ll be playing against a Random Number Generator, essentially a computer.

The RNG ensures a fair and random outcome for each round and you can play this variant for free. However, it lacks the social element of the Live Jhandi Munda variant and therefore, it’s worse to play in our honest opinion.

Jhandi Munda in your Mobile

You can take Live Jhandi Munda anywhere you do thanks to the mobile Indian online casino apps. This version is more popular than ever and truly awesome. Optimized for use on smaller screens, Live Jhandi Munda is the best possible way to enjoy the traditional Indian game.

Having it in your pocket means you get to play it anytime and anywhere. If you’re lucky, you may even win a nice sum of cash on your phone.


To play Jhandi Munda online, you can either download and install an app on your Android or iOS smartphone or visit the mobile site. Apps are much better since they have better functionality.

With them, you don’t need to visit the casino through your browser which can sometimes be a mess. However, not all live casinos have apps. Make sure to check that before you register.

The best mobile live casinos

If a casino doesn’t have an app, it most surely has a mobile website you can visit to play the games. you visit it easily via your mobile browser and launch the game from the library.

Apps are the better choice, but mobile live casinos have come a long way in the past few years. They’re optimized for use on smaller screens and easy to navigate. If the casino’s you’re playing at doesn’t have an app, this is your only choice.

Jhandi Munda Essentials

To enjoy Jhandi Munda online like you’re supposed to, you need to keep to our Jhandi Munda essentials.

  • Always play a live dealer variant
  • Read our Jhandi Munda casino reviews before you make your choice
  • Find a good live casino
  • The online variant of Jhandi Munda is much better than the street dice game

Live Dealer

If possible, you should always pick Live Jhandi Munda before anything else. You will be playing against a live dealer who you can even chat to.

The live dealer variant also offers the closest possible atmosphere to real-life Jhandi Munda. If you want to try the Indian traditional game, it is the way to go.

Perks of playing online

Why play online,rather than on the streets? Well, the payouts are better, you can take the game anywhere you go, and you can practice for free. Playing online is much better than playing ‘offline’. If you’re worried about the lack of social aspect of the game, don’t be.

Live Jhandi Munda gives you an opportunity to have a friendly banter with the dealer. It successfully replicates the feeling of playing Jhandi Munda on the street during any Indian festival.

Live casino Jhandi Munda

To enjoy Live Jhandi Munda like you should, you’ll need a good live casino. Live Jhandi Munda casinos are rare in India, but they do exist. Pick a casino from our up-to-date toplists.

Find a proper live casino with casino software providers such as Ezugi and you’ll enjoy the game for sure. Live dealer games are the latest and greatest achievement in the industry, and live Jhandi Munda is not different at all.

Jhandi Munda Reviews

Before you make a decision to join any casino, we strongly suggest you read our Jhandi Munda Indian online casino reviews. Finding a good casino isn’t that easy, but thanks to our convenient top lists you’ll have no trouble.

Our team consists of experts with plenty of experience in the industry. They know what players want from a casino and have ranked nothing but the top Jhandi Munda Indian casinos for your convenience.

Jhandi Munda FAQ

Find a licensed casino on our list and you can play Jhandi Munda online with ease. Even if you’re new to the game, you won’t find it hard to play the game.
Jhandi Munda online is a web variant of the traditional Indian dice game.
That’s a bit of legal grey area, but you won’t be prosecuted for enjoying the game online.
Read our Jhandi Munda Indian casino reviews to find out.
Jhandi Munda is a game of luck. Your best bet to win is to hope you have the symbol predictions right.
There’s no strategy to win in Jhandi Munda online, but following the hot and cold symbols might help.
Yes, and you can earn a solid sum if you get all 6 dice right.