The Best Game Providers

Welcome, dear reader – to our official LiveCasinoGuide to game providers! The powerhouses of the casino industry, they work in the background, giving you the best live casino experience out there. Some of the most popular game providers are NetEnt, Ezugi and of course Evolution Gaming – but which one takes the crown and is the official king of game providers? We’ll find out for you, so you don’t have to, we’re nice that way. Let’s begin, shall we?

Latest Game Provider Casinos

LeoVegas Casino

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  • Their own Live Studio
  • User-Friendly Interface
Pure Casino

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Wildz Casino

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  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Good Customer Support

Live Casino Game Providers

Us being LiveCasinoGuide, you’ll understand why this particular topic is very close to our heart. First things first; different providers develop different games – some do slots like Book of Dead and the beloved Starburst, some do live dealer games like blackjack and baccarat, some live dealer table games; others do a mix of all of them.

So depending on what kind of games you want to play, you’ll find different providers, naturally. Slot providers “only” have to deal with programming the slots themselves, while live dealer games require a human element to it; the dealers themselves.

So next time you boot up your favorite game, have a look at the loading screen – and appreciate the good work these providers do for your gaming fun.

What is a game provider?

Essentially the game provider is the developer of the games you love to play. These companies are independent from the casinos and basically lend their services to the actual casino providers, depending on the deal they strike. That means – news flash! – the casinos you sign up with don’t actually develop the games. The cool thing about this? You can find similar or even the same games across all casinos out there!

What makes a game provider great?

There are many things that potentially make a casino provider good, or even great. Every single one of them has different aspects that make them stand out and it’s up to you to decide what tickles your fancy, so to speak. Let’s go over some of the points that make a great casino provider.

  • Safety – You want to feel safe and secure; so regulated games with set RTP (return to player) values are the way to go.
  • Reputation – Chances are, the better the provider’s reputation, the better the actual provider really is.
  • The games – Ultimately, the games you love to play will decide which provider you go with, so this is a big one.
  • License – All game developers we test are licensed, and so are all casinos; that goes without saying.
  • Variety – Do they just make jackpot slots? Scratchcards? Blackjack? Variety is the spice of life, as we tend to say, so the more variety the better!

The Game Providers

This is the big one people, are you ready? In this section we’ll talk about the actual game providers, what makes them good or even great. We’re LiveCasinoGuide, so naturally we’ll focus more on the live casino side of things. So, if we had to pick a clear winner, it had to be Evolution Gaming. Their innovation constantly drives the live casino industry forward and they’re always in the forefront of live dealer games – but there are some other game developers worth a mention too. Here they are!

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming – as a whole – has it all. Diverse gaming options, beautiful streams and a roster of dealers that make you feel welcome and special. Whether you’re in the mood for some HD online roulette or caribbean stud poker, Evolution has it all. Their stakes are as varied as their casino offering and the fact that they develop their games and tailor them towards each casino, let’s them have that personal touch that might be lacking in some other providers.


Founded in 2013, Ezugi is one of the few game providers offering traditional Andar Bahar and real money Teen Patti. This provider has live studios in Costa Rica, Latvia and Belgium. In 2018, Ezugi was acquired by the mighty Evolution Gaming, making the company even better!


PlayTech was mainly focused on slots – but that is a relic of the past. With a fantastic live lobby that really seeks it’s equal in the big hall of live providers such as Evolution Gaming, PlayTech really has stepped up their game in recent times.

We love their smooth user interface and choice of games, a clear “go-ahead” from us!


NetEnt Live is like a titan in the casino industry – everybody knows them and most people love them, for good reason! But what precisely are those reasons? Well, for one, NetEnt Live is a completely separate live casino offering and that by default means what? Exactly. They’re absolutely dedicated to deliver the best live dealer games in the palm of your hand – no matter which casino you choose.

Extreme Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming, owned by casino giant “Novomatic”, is one of the most trusted casino software providers out there. Developing live casino games first and foremost, this 2013 founded company has quality written all over it. Baccarat, roulette and blackjack tables can be found here and you’ll soon grow to love their easy to use interface and fantastic dealers.


In our book, XPG is one of the strongest up-and-comers in the casino industry. Offering a rich selection of live dealer games to the best live casinos in India, they’re certainly on the rise.

Playing XPG games, you will instantly notice a cutting-edge and seamless user interface that’s sure to make your hits, stands or double down effortless.

What’s the difference between game providers

The main difference is clear immediately; do they offer live games? Slots? Or a mix of both? Regardless of what you’re after, as soon as you start playing your favorite casino card games, you will see the provider logo and a neat animation playing – sometimes even a little video clip to get you in the right mood. Here are some of the most distinctive differences you can watch out for when it comes to the best casino providers out there.

Betting Interface

The betting interface will be the first thing that you’ll notice being different from provider to provider. Be it the interface of the various side bets in the live streamed baccarat or the rows and columns of your favorite roulette wheel – these will stay the same if you stick to one game developer, no matter what casino you play in. Chat options, muting the game and other user interface differences are something to get used to, so we’d recommend sticking to one provider you like best and get used to it.

Multiple Camera Angles

Something that distinctively varies between the game providers, is how many camera angles the tables have. Especially in a quick game like online live blackjack, camera angles can really add to the action and provide you with the real deal – an authentic casino experience. Example? Evolution Gaming tables will have one camera set on the croupier at any given roulette table and one will be covering the action of the wheel itself and the roulette ball. The number of different angles varies, but one thing is for sure; switching smoothly between camera angles adds to the atmosphere.

The Live Dealers and Croupiers

Being a live casino experience, one factor must not be underestimated; the human element. Depending on which provider you choose, different dealers will greet you at the table and will provide you with different levels of charm and professionalism.

In our opinion a good/bad dealer can make or break your casino experience, so make sure you test them out and have a little chat with them, before you choose the best live casino game for you.

The Live Casino Games

This is, not surprisingly, the most important factor. The quality of the live casino games and of course the variety on offer give you value – and that’s what we’re after, right? Some providers like Evolution Gaming even make their own personalized games for different casinos, depending on the deal. This enables them to put their own personal touch on any roulette or blackjack table they bring out.

How to Find Game Providers in Casinos

Finding a game provider isn’t difficult – finding one you like, might be harder in some cases. In our opinion you’d best find games that you’re passionate about first and then the provider of choice will reveal itself to you. User interface, choice of games, game quality – these are all important factors when choosing software. Once you get into a certain type of game and provider; you’ll want to stick with it, in order to focus on what’s more important – fun! Let’s go through some of the things to look out for when choosing a casino game provider.

Search Function

Categorizing and clustering casino games is dear to our heart, especially gives us easy access to our favourite blackjack tables, for example. So a good search function really is essential to making your casino fun that much easier. It’s also a great way of keeping your portfolio in order, so casinos like LeoVegas have a function that gives you all Evolution games by searching for – you guessed it – Evolution.

By the Games’ Loading Screen

By the time you made yourself comfortable with all that the world of live casino has to offer, you’ll be more than familiar with all the different games a provider has to offer. That means, as soon as you see a game, you’ll most likely know who developed the next casino gem you sink your teeth in. If in doubt, the loading screen will give you all that you need to know!

Which are the best game providers?

Let’s summarize: all developers have different stories to tell, different games on offer and a variety of pros and cons. But is there a clear winner? To answer the first question in our LiveCasinoGuide review; yes. Yes there is. The king of casino fun is definitely Evolution Gaming! They just don’t disappoint and keep pushing the envelope of what makes live dealer games great. Quality of stream, variety of games and dealer etiquette are top notch – you can’t go wrong with an Evolution live table!

Game Providers FAQ

There are several live casino provider to choose from – but NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi might be our top dogs.
They do not – casino providers create the games and will then “lend” them to the particular gaming den.
Definitely Evolution Gaming!
Gambling software is the backbone of every casino game you will ever open – the foundation, so to speak.
The company lending their services to each casino make sure the casino software is up to standard – and the implementation is done right. Each casino software has different strength and weaknesses.
Not if you’re not a licensed casino! Some casinos will however have you download a client, but these are few and far between.