Dragon Tiger Online Guide

Dragon Tiger is, hands down, one of the simplest casino card games you can learn. Indian players love the fact that it’s so easy as well as the fact that it is available online.

You can play Dragon Tiger in online casinos for free or spend your hard-earned Rupees on it. The game is excellent for beginners, but pros will surely enjoy the live variant. Read our guide to learn more about Dragon Tiger online and how to win in it.

Indian Dragon Tiger Casinos

LeoVegas Casino

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  • Their own Live Studio
  • User-Friendly Interface
Pure Casino

  • PayTM & Google Pay
  • Site in Hindi, Bengali and English
  • All Classic Indian Games
Wildz Casino

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  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Good Customer Support

Dragon Tiger Games Online

In the past, Indian players had no other option than to visit Goa or other land-based locations to enjoy Dragon Tiger and other casino games. Nowadays, however, everything is done online. And we love it!

Dragon Tiger online gives you the chance to play for free. It also comes with additional features that can spice up your payouts. Finally, the selection of variants in live casinos is much bigger and better than land-based ones.

Thanks to this, playing Dragon Tiger on the web is the way to go.

What are the requirements for playing Dragon Tiger online?

Playing Dragon Tiger online is not hard at all. You don’t need a special phone or anything – anything not older than 4-5 years will do. Here’s what you need:

  • A mobile phone no older than 4-5 years
  • 3G or 4G connection
  • Basic knowledge about the game
  • Credit/debit card or e-wallet
  • An account in an online casino

As soon as you cover these requirements, you can play Dragon Tiger online and Live Dragon Tiger with ease. Even if this is your first time, reading our guide will help you learn more about the game.

Is Dragon Tiger legal in India?

The current legal status of online gambling in India is a grey area. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to play Dragon Tiger online. To be honest, the chances of getting struck by lightning are much higher than being prosecuted for it.

To learn more about Indian gambling laws, you can read more on our site. In short, games of luck are all prohibited, while skill-based games (not all of them, though), are legalized. As mentioned, however, the legal situation is complex, so you better learn more about it before playing online.

Online Dragon Tiger Games & the difference from offline

The differences between Dragon Tiger online and offline variants are the same as the differences between any casino game offline and online. Online Dragon Tiger has many variants and a user-friendly interface and functions that allow more dynamic gameplay.

Features such as bet history and side bets also enhance the experience when you play online. If you want to stay in touch with the time, you’ll choose live variants over offline variants. The payouts are better as well and you can withdraw your winnings quickly.

Our Dragon Tiger Live Casino Reviews

LiveCasinoGuide is your ultimate destination for the best live casinos with Dragon Tiger. Our team consists of pros with a lot of experience in Indian casinos. When we review Dragon Tiger Live casinos, we check for:

  • License – each site on our list is properly licensed
  • Accept Indian players and INR – all the sites accept Rupees
  • Instant withdrawals – blazing-fast withdrawals give you a chance to get your winnings in a flash
  • Dragon Tiger Bonus – not all gaming sites offer it, but some have a bonus for Dragon Tiger games
  • Responsible Gambling – all our recommended casinos are a part of the initiative

Dragon Tiger in HD

One of the best things about Dragon Tiger Live is the fact that you get to play it in crisp-clear HD quality. Live casinos use ultra-expensive cameras that give the experience an authentic touch. They use revolutionary technology that allows you to play Dragon Tiger on all devices.

With Dragon Tiger Live, you can make bets by tapping on the screen and access all of the game’s features. This can be done on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. The high definition stream is available across all devices so you will always enjoy the best possible video quality.

Dragon Tiger – All you need to know

A simple online baccarat game with two cards in play, Dragon Tiger is a blazing-fast game in a stunning setting. Developed by Evolution Gaming, the game offers captivating and fast-paced gameplay. The stunning environment and background have synchronized lightning effects to game outcomes, while live statistics are there to help you win.

Playing Live Dragon Tiger will require you to register at an online casino and make a deposit. As soon as you’re all set up, you can sit at the table and enjoy an authentic experience.

Dragon Tiger Bets

Since there are only 2 cards in play, the Dragon and the Tiger, the game is pretty simple. You bet on which card is the highest or if the game ends in a tie. The main bets you can place are on the Dragon or the Tiger, with the Tie bet also available.

You can also place the optional Suited Tie bet which pays the most. Of course, the chances of hitting it are pretty slim. As mentioned, Dragon Tiger online is one of the simplest games in a live casino.

Dragon Tiger Objective

The goal of Dragon Tiger is to determine which card has a higher value – the Dragon or the Tiger. You can also bet on a Tie, but the chances of a tie are not that big. Dragon Tiger online is a pretty easy game to play. It doesn’t require expert knowledge of casino games – you just bet on one of a few outcomes.

Thanks to this, the objective of Dragon Tiger is very simple. The user interface of the game online makes it even simpler, with statistics assisting you in making better predictions.

Dragon Tiger Rules and Payouts

There are a few rules in Dragon Tiger that are simple to get a hold of. The game can be played with any number of standard decks and all the cards are ranked as in poker. When the game begins, the dealer deals two cards – one to themselves and one to the player.

Your main bet is on which card has the higher rank. You can also place a bet on a Tie or go with optional bets such as Suited Tie.


If you want to be successful in Dragon Tiger Live, you’ll stay away from ‘winning’ strategies. You can employ a betting system, but make sure to keep your bets small so you don’t lose much. Just like in any casino game, luck plays a big part in Dragon Tiger online, so don’t think you can win with skill alone.

The house edge on both the Dragon and Tiger bets is around 3% and your best strategy is to stick with any of them.

Difference between online and live Dragon Tiger

The standard, not live games are controlled by a computer – also known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). On the live version of Dragon Tiger, live dealer games are hosted by a human dealer. This is the focal point of these games and the advantage they have over RNG variants.

The live-streamed Dragon Tiger Live offers different thrills. It’s a much more thrilling experience and one that has the upper hand in our honest opinion. If you like to play Dragon Tiger the way it was meant to be, play Dragon Tiger Live.

Live Dragon Tiger

Created by Evolution Gaming, Dragon Tiger Live offers a unique voyage into the Asian game. Hosted by a real dealer and streamed in HD, it’s the more advanced variant than its RNG cousin.

If you want to play the game in real time against a human rather than a computer, Dragon Tiger Live is the obvious choice.

Online Dragon Tiger

Although Dragon Tiger Live is the better variant, playing the RNG version is also thrilling. Plus, you get to play it for free. Although not as entertaining as the live variant, Dragon Tiger online is great for new Indian players who want to learn more about the game.

When you’re ready for the big leagues, you can go with Dragon Tiger Live.

Live Dragon Tiger Developers

Plenty of developers in iGaming have tried their hand at creating Dragon Tiger games. Each one has some kind of highlight that separates it from the rest. Some developers focus on sexy professional dealers, while others dazzle with a great range of games.

What’s your choice?

Evolution Gaming

The most celebrated developer in the library, Evolution Gaming is behind numerous live dealer hits including Dragon Tiger Live. Its games come with crisp-clear graphics and advanced features such as a history of bets that place Evolution at the top of the live gaming pile.


An up-and-coming live dealer developer, XPG has a pretty large collection of live and virtual games under one API. The company has state-of-the-art studios across Europe, streaming exciting HTML5 games hosted by sexy and professional dealers. One of the games in its portfolio is Dragon Tiger Live with a familiar table layout and a variety of side bets.


One of the giants in the industry, Playtech has developed quite a successful line-up of live dealer games so far. There are several excellent roulette and blackjack variants hosted by sexy human dealers and with a full range of bets and side bets. If you love classic live games in HD quality, Playtech is a great choice.

Online Dragon Tiger Promotions

Most online casinos have plenty of bonuses in store for their customers. You’re eligible for most the moment you join a casino. Claim all the bonuses and you’ll give your bankroll a substantial boost. Once the money lands into your account, you’re free to play the best Dragon Tiger live variants.

Besides simple bonuses, online casinos also offer VIP rewards. If you’re very lucky, you can win cars or luxury trips around the world. Who wouldn’t like that?

Sign up and play live Dragon Tiger today!

Here at LCG, we have reviewed the most trusted live casinos for Indian players. Visit any of them and make an account to play Dragon Tiger online. Make sure not to miss the welcome offer when you do – it’ll surely boost your bankroll nicely.

Play Dragon Tiger Live for real money right now and you can win yourself a pretty nice sum if you’re lucky. Before you splash the cash, though, try the game in free mode first.

Dragon Tiger FAQ

Simply register at an online casino, deposit into your account, and head to the library to play Dragon Tiger online.
Well, it all comes down to luck. If you’re lucky, you will predict which card has the higher rank and win some cash.
That depends on you. The good news is that there are plenty of Dragon Tiger online sites to pick from.
If you ask us, we’d opt for either the Dragon or Tiger. The other bets are not that probable.
Dragon Tiger is an ancient Asian game that originated from Cambodia. Your goal is to determine which cards wins the round with a higher rank – the Dragon or the Tiger.
Yes, there are RNG variants of Dragon Tiger online you get to play for free.