Deal or no Deal Live Review

Deal or no Deal is a beloved game show that most people will remember fondly – the live version tries to step in those footsteps! Similar to games like Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming tries to do something special here with this line-up of game-show related live games.

This digital version of the immensely popular show is thrilling and relaxing at the same time – and LiveCasinoGuide is trying to figure out if Evolution succeeds – or if it’s a no-deal overall. Let’s talk about it.

How does Deal or no Deal Live work

Anyone familiar with the show will tell you how it works – but there are a few key differences here. For starters, in order to become part of the “show” element of the live game, you have to go through a pre-game section, so to speak.

You have to spin a wheel in order to have 3 golden parts end up in the “locked” position – but before that, you have to decide how much money you want to bet with each turn.

Next? Decide your difficulty, which can be very easy, easy and normal – we suggest playing on the easy difficulty, since this will determine how much it costs to win the qualification, it is a good middle ground.

The next round is called the “top-up” round, which will apply multipliers to your chosen suitcases, before you even enter the competition itself. The rest? Pure deal or no deal, just in casino style.

How to play Deal or no Deal Live

Let’s go through the actual actions you need to partake in, to learn how to play Deal or no Deal live, shall we? It’s as easy as pie, trust us. Here it goes:

  1. Locate Deal or no Deal Live in the live casino lobby – often times it will share its spot with Dream Catcher and the like.
  2. Go through the two pre-rounds to qualify. The first round will have you spin a wheel to lock 3 golden parts in place and make bets on it – this will qualify you for the actual game round. The second pre-round is optional and can apply multipliers to your cases. Example? You are playing with 5 INR and land on 50? They will turn out to be 250 INR. Simple!
  3. In the main prize round, choose a case that has a higher cash value than the one your host chose, pure Deal or no Deal action.
  4. Enjoy sweet cash!

Bets and payouts on Deal or no Deal Live

The regular payout of Deal or no Deal live is 95.42%, creating an inevitable house edge of 4.58%, which – as you possibly know – is pretty high overall, compared to games like say online blackjack.

So don’t expect a high-roller elite live game here, although that doesn’t mean you can’t win a lot of cash here – just that the road there might be a bit more up and down, compared to other live games like roulette for example.

Key Features

The key features are no easy feat to summarize here. For one, the pre-rounds to enter the actual game, are definitely a seller. They don’t just create anticipation but are also a clever way to keep players occupied, while the actual game round goes on.

Since you’re playing “with” other real players, the reason why you can only play this game with real money is easily understood. Opening the cases however, is the real deal of the game, so to speak.

Deal or no Deal Live Rules

Compared to other card games like online baccarat, Deal or no Deal live has comparably few rules, per se. Of course, you have to adhere to some sort of construct when it comes to playing, but other than going through the 2 pre-games (of which one is optional) and choosing values of cases, there really isn’t anything worth mentioning here.

We can’t say we hate that fact though, quite the contrary – we think this is one of the strongest suits of the live game. Simplicity is key!

Mobile Deal or no Deal Live

It might sound odd to some, playing a game show like online game on your smartphone, but hear us out, will you? The fact that you actually tap your screen gives the whole story another level of immersion and we honestly couldn’t put our phone down with this one.

There’s just something about the interactivity of it all and in landscape mode either on your Android or iPhone, this truly is a blast to play. Try it out yourself, why won’t you?

Theme and feel

There’s a lot to be said about the overall theme of the game, but let’s approach it this way: Evolution Gaming has kept their game surprisingly close to the original idea!

The host will do the majority of the chatter and – a big bonus – a lovely lady will open the cases for you. A cool touch? The cases actually open automatically, which gives the whole game a very sophisticated feel.

What else is there to say? You can expect the masterfully crafted interface that Evo is so known and loved for and the polish is tangible – consider us impressed.


We do talk a lot about high-rollers and the perceived casino elite on LiveCasinoGuide – and for good reason, we love the luxurious lifestyle and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But Deal or no Deal live falls into a sort of niche category between casual and elite – which is something we don’t see often. In all honesty, our secret tip would be, as much as this game lacks any kind of application for strategy, use a “hit and run” technique.

Short bursts, bet high – and take the highest number you can get, without ever worrying about if the next number could possibly be higher.

Can I use a Strategy?

We honestly want to say “of course you can”! But…in all honesty, we wouldn’t recommend it. The variables of this game are way too low to apply any sort of strategy, and other than the previously mentioned “hit and run” approach, which can hardly be described as a strategy…well.

There isn’t much of a strategy to be had. Sure, you can crunch the numbers and try to come up with your way of “how to play Deal or no Deal live”, but we’d just recommend enjoying the game as it is. A game of chance!

Why you should play Live Deal or no Deal Live (Advantages)?

There are a lot of things to be loved about this game – but obviously that is subjective. You want our opinion? Sure thing, here it goes:

  • It’s a highly exciting game that lives off its atmosphere
  • The hosts are charming and this time they come in pairs – a host, and a beautiful lady opening the cases for you. Win win!
  • Works flawlessly on your smartphone and we’d recommend playing it on mobile devices
  • Big wins can be achieved – if you’re lucky
  • Can be a nice distraction from other online casino games, should you need a breath of fresh air

Disadvantages of Live Deal or no Deal Live

Every coin has a flipside, and Deal or no Deal Live by Evolution Gaming is no exception. Here are some of the possible downsides when you play Live Deal or no Deal:

  • The house edge is quite high – higher than roulette or blackjack for that matter
  • High-roller players might not find this game as appealing
  • Gameplay can appear quite repetitive if played for a long time; short bursts are recommended

Live Dealer in Deal or no Deal Live

The dealers – or hosts/presenters as we would rather call them – are the true heroes of this live game, at least in our opinion. Ever watched a game show with an unlikeable host? Not here my friend, these guys definitely know how to charm their audience. Smooth and always with a smile, they are the backbone of the operation – and we were honestly impressed with them. Even the lady opening the cases for us is all smiles, so we’d definitely recommend this game for the dealers/hosts alone.

Why You Have to Try This Game

So you’re still not convinced, huh? Let us summarize. Deal or no Deal is fun, atmospheric, full of original charm and is a throwback to the game shows of yesteryear – what’s not to love? True, it’s not a high-rollers dream, but it is a niche online casino game, that will put a smile on your face – if only for short bursts at a time. If you want some fresh air from all the cards and spinning wheels, give Deal or no Deal Live by Evolution Gaming a shot – you won’t regret it.