Blackjack Side Bets Guide

Apart from poker, blackjack is the most popular skill-based game in casinos. As such, it is especially important to know the rules by heart. To be honest, the basic rules are pretty simple. But, what about the side bets?

All online and land based casinos offer blackjack side bets. While they offer solid payouts, many players are wondering are side bets worth it? Our side bets blackjack guide will tell you all you need to know about them and if you should take them on a table.

What are blackjack side bets?

Blackjack is a pretty competitive game where all players get paid even money on bets. There are, however, side bets you can place at the table that promise even bigger payouts.

Side bets are additional wagers placed before the round begins. They are highly appreciated by online blackjack fans since they offer much better payouts than the basic bets.

Ever heard of a blackjack flush, 21+3 or a straight flush? Those are not poker terms only. These side bets add more flair to the game and promise bigger and better rewards.

Placing and Winning Perfect Pair Side Bet

Are side bets worth it?

That’s the million-dollar question. In our honest opinion, yes, taking them up is worth it. You’re risking more money, of course, but keep in mind that they offer great payouts.

If you know what you’re doing and know the basic rules of blackjack, placing a side bet before the cards are dealt can boost your wins pretty nicely. Just make sure to stay away from the insurance bet. Unlike its ‘siblings’, this is the blackjack side bet you should stay away from.

Side bets payouts

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pair25:1
Coloured Pair12:1
Mixed Pair6:1


Suited Trips100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1

How do I place side bets?

That’s the easier part. Side bets in blackjack are pretty easy to place in online casinos. The betting interface of most blackjack games is pretty straightforward. Everything’s highlighted properly so you shouldn’t have trouble placing a side bet.

In most cases, players only place a small percentage of their total wager on blackjack side bets. This is smart, as placing more and more bets could lead to you losing a lot of money. Side bets pay a lot, but getting the predictions right involves a solid amount of risk.

Placing them on a virtual table is pretty easy. You select the chip you want by clicking on it, then place it at the table with another click.

Different Blackjack Side Bets

There are many different online blackjack side bets you can place. Don’t worry – we’ll cover them all. Most of these are the same for each blackjack variant – you are offered Insurance in most, a straight, flush, straight flush, the coloured side bet or perfect pairs. Each one has its own payout – a perfect pair, for example, pays 25:1.

The 21+3 blackjack side bets also pay nicely. This one’s based on the first two cards dealt to the player and the dealer’s face card. A Straight Flush is especially popular since it pays 40:1. If you ask us, this blackjack side bet is a great pick.


This blackjack side bet aims to protect players from a dealer blackjack. It is only available in cases when the dealer’s up card is an ace. The Insurance bet gives you a chance to secure a payout even if you lose the hand.

Since it reduces the house edge, but it’s risky, it’s a side bet aimed at pros. The odds are 2:1.


The Flush is one of the series of 21+3 blackjack side bets and the lowest paying one. It consists of three cards of the same suit. For example, it can be a 6, 10, and King of clubs. The odds for this blackjack side bets are 5:1. As such, it can provide a nice payout boost, but less than what the other 21+3 side bets offer.

Buster Blackjack

When placing the buster side bet, you’re betting on the dealer busting. If the dealer busts using more cards, the bigger payout. If the dealer busts using 8 cards or more, the payout will be 250:1.

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs blackjack side bet is probably our favourite one. As the name suggests, it pays a nice prize if the first two cards dealt to you are a coloured, mixed or perfect pair.

  • Mixed pair is a pair of two different colours – it pays 5:1
  • Coloured pair is a pair of same colour, but different suits – it pays 10:1
  • A perfect pair is a pair of two cards with different suit and value – it pays 30:1


Yet another 21+3 side bet, the straight is a combination of three cards in a sequence. For example, it can be a 2, 3, and 4. The suit doesn’t matter – only numbers are in play here. The odds for a standard flush are 10:1, so it’s a blackjack side bet worth considering. Win this one, and you’ll get a 10x boost.

Straight flush

Similar to the flush, a straight flush is a blackjack side bet on 3 cards in numerical order and identical suit. For example, you win if you get a 2, 3, and 4 of clubs. Since the chances of hitting such numbers are pretty low, the odds for this blackjack side bet are 40:1.


As mentioned, the coloured pair is a pair of cards in the same colour – the suits don’t matter. This one’s a part of the Perfect Pairs blackjack side bets and pays the second-highest odds in the game at 10:1. That comes right after the flush which pays half of that (5:1).

Since you’re pretty likely to hit a coloured pair from time to time, it’s a blackjack side bet worth trying.

Blackjack Side Bets FAQ

Although we wouldn’t recommend the Insurance bet which is too risky, other side bets present a great opportunity to win big money.
It depends on the side bet. Insurance pays 2:1, a Flush pays 5:1, while a Straight Flush is ‘worth’ 40:1.
Insurance is a side bet that protects you against a dealer’s blackjack. The odds are 2:1, but it doesn’t guarantee a payout.
A blackjack side bet that consists of a pair of cards, the Perfect Pair contains two cards of different suit and value. It pays a hefty 30:1.
You can easily place bets online by placing virtual chips on the dedicated table sections.
Yes, they are. A pair of coloured or two same cards are pretty common, so paying for such a blackjack side bet can bring you nice profit if you’re lucky. Plus, they only require a small wager, so you won’t be losing a lot when placing them.