Buster Blackjack Review

An exciting blackjack side bet where you win cash when the dealer busts, Buster Blackjack offers a truly unique experience.

The dealer busting is one of the most exciting (and relieving) moments in blackjack and this live blackjack game side bet wants you to have even more reasons to celebrate it.

Its premise is simple. You win odds-based payouts when the dealer busts. The more cards he needs to go bust, the bigger the payout. Read our guide to learn more about Buster Blackjack.

How Does Buster Blackjack Work

As mentioned, Buster Blackjack is not a variant itself – it’s a side bet. It works by giving you odds-based payouts when the dealer goes bust.

In general, Buster Blackjack doesn’t differ from regular blackjack. The biggest difference is the side bet that can give you up to 250:1 payouts for an 8-card dealer bust.

Blackjack Buster is:

  • Even more exciting than regular blackjack
  • The side bet’s payouts are amazing
  • It is suitable for card counting

How to Play Buster Blackjack

Playing Buster Blackjack is very easy. You only need to know the basic rules of blackjack. Since it’s a side bet in blackjack, it doesn’t require any special skills – you just need to place your chips on it.

  1. Choose a live casino with Live Buster Blackjack and find the game in the lobby
  2. Place your chips on it
  3. Bet on the main game to start the round
  4. If the dealer busts, you’ll win an appropriate payout
  5. Remember – your payout depends on the number of cards in the dealer’s busted hand

Bets and Payouts on Buster Blackjack

The extra cash you get in Buster Blackjack depends on the number of cards the dealer gets before going bust. Three to four cards offer a 2:1 payout. If the dealer gets 5, you get odds of 4:1.

Six and seven cards come with payouts of 15:1 and 50:1 respectively. The crown jewel among the payouts are eight cards or more. If you’re that lucky, you’re looking at a return of 250:1.

Dealer BustPayout
8 or more cards250:1
7 cards50:1
6 cards18:1
5 cards4:1
3 or 4 cards2:1

Comparing Buster Blackjack to Blackjack

Buster Blackjack is a side bet which means that it doesn’t affect traditional blackjack rules. All the standard blackjack rules are left untouched. The dealer busts by going over 21. How many card he gets determines your payout, with the odds ranging from 2 to 1 to a whopping 250 to 1.

If you get a natural while placing a Buster Blackjack bet, you’re looking at even bigger rewards. A player blackjack with 8+ cards on the dealer’s hand spells a payout of 2,000:1 which is really incredible.

Buster Blackjack Rules

The rules of Buster Blackjack are very simple. Indian players should look for the minimum and maximum limits at the table they’re planning to sit on. If it satisfies your bankroll, pick that particular Buster Blackjack table and place a wager on the side bet.

Should the dealer bust with a count of over 21, you win the bet. As mentioned, the more cards he takes before he goes bust, the better the payout.


The minimum and maximum Buster Blackjack bets vary from one table to another. You should check the limits before you decide to place the bet. With such high payouts, the Buster Blackjack side bet is suitable for high rollers and beginners alike.

It’s a risky bet, of course, so it might be aimed at those willing to spend a bit more. High rollers will surely like the potential payouts, especially when combined with a player blackjack bonus.

Can I use a Strategy?

Yes, you can. Using an optimal basic blackjack strategy is recommended on any blackjack game or side bet including Buster Blackjack.

We suggest you always hit on a hand of 8 or less and stand on 17 or more. If you have a count of 11, you should double down if your total is higher than the dealer up card. In the other case, you need to hit.

If your hand counts 12-16, you stand if the dealer has 6 or less and hit if he’s over 7.

Why you should play Live Buster Blackjack?

Buster Blackjack is a very exciting side bet that adds a unique touch to plain old blackjack. It doesn’t need any special skills – just your willingness to place extra money on a side bet.

  • There are plenty of advantages to it:
  • It pays more than most side-bets
  • Buster Blackjack is suitable for card counters
  • Following a basic blackjack strategy can help you win

With payouts going as high as 250:1, there’s plenty of incentive playing the wager.

Disadvantages of Live Buster Blackjack

For all the great payouts, Live Buster Blackjack might not be great for casual blackjack players. Indian players with a limited bankroll won’t be persuaded to place extra cash on a side bet that might or might not materialize.

Additionally, the gameplay is a bit on the slower side and the dealer stays on 16 which could potentially ruin your plans.

  • Might not be suitable for casual blackjack players
  • You’ll need to learn a basic blackjack strategy to optimize your profits
  • The odds are fairly high

Buster Blackjack Live Dealer

Live Buster Blackjack ups the ante and makes a round of blackjack far more exciting than even at a Vegas casino. The live dealer is the addition that takes it to another level. Besides dealing the cards, you can chat with him or her, making you feel like you’re in a Vegas joint.

This is why players love live dealer blackjack games including Buster Blackjack. If you want a more authentic casino experience, you’ll play it in our recommended Indian online casinos.

Buster Blackjack History

We can’t say for sure how long the Buster Blackjack side bet has been around but it’s surely been years. It was popularized in casinos first before arriving online and receiving the live dealer variant.

Nowadays, the side bet is added to numerous live dealer games. Evolution, for example, has one of the best Buster Blackjack side bets on the Infinite Blackjack table. Busting with 8+ cards gives you a 250:1 payout so Indian players will find it hard to skip this exciting extra wager.

Why You Have to Try This Game

The answer is simple – because it offers an amazing payout. Blackjack is a great game but it is even more exciting when you place side bets. The Buster Blackjack side bet doesn’t require anything from your part. You just place it and hope that the dealer goes bust.

If he does, you’ll be in for an amazing payout, and who doesn’t want to earn a few extra Rupees?