Blackjack Strategy Guide

This is your ultimate guide to any blackjack strategy you could ever need! LiveCasinoGuide has compiled a comprehensive guideline, so you can count yourself within the ranks of the casino elite.

Online blackjack, unlike some other casino games, is a game of skill – which means, that like other skills in life, you can improve them. While improving your skill with one of our strategies, you will also notice a neat side-effect; you will win more rounds!

So dig in and dig deep, dear reader! Here is our blackjack strategy guide. Let’s do it!

Using a strategy online is completely legal

When you should hit or stand

Let’s talk about the basics first, shall we? The basic concept of blackjack is something you should be familiar with by now. Get as close to 21 without exceeding that number, remember?

In order to do that, depending on your dealt value, you might want to hit (receive another card) or stand (stay with the value you already have). If the casino dealer (or banker) reveals a 10-value card, you should hit with a 10 or a 12-16 combination, but always stand when you reach at least 17. Let’s re-iterate that in a small list:

  • If the casino dealer’s card is a 10-value card, hit with a 10 or a 12-16 combination, stand with at least a 17
  • Should the dealer get a seven, eight, or nine and you have a nine or lower or 12- 16, you can request a hit; stand with 17 or greater
  • If the dealer’s card is a four, five, or six, hit on an 8 or less and stand for at least a 12

Best Winning Blackjack Strategy

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive a bit deeper.

Some strategies are better than others and will suit your playstyle more or less – so it pays off to find that out through trial and error if you must.

There are multiple strategies, that work in theory, but not all will work in every situation, so it really is up to you to find out what works best for you.

For your convenience, we have listed the most commonly used strategies – so pay attention to this part especially.

How it looks when making your decision

Card Counting

This one is pretty self-explanatory, we think. The player uses the card counting strategy to know when the advantage shifts in their favour.

It is looked down upon and even illegal in real casinos, but truthfully – you’re sitting in front of a screen, there is no way to prove that you’re really doing it.

Shuffle Tracking

Similar to card counting, the strategy known as shuffle tracking has a player track certain cards or even a sequence of cards to gain an advantage.

Tracking the cards can be quite tricky and requires a whole lot of attention, but once mastered, it can quickly pay off for the vigilant player.

Basic Strategy

There are a few basic strategy guides, that can be applied to all blackjack variants out there. Some of these are for example to always stand on soft 17 or more since that will give you an obvious advantage.

Make yourself familiar with the basic strategy and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the game a lot more.

Which strategy do we recommend?

The fact that there are so many online blackjack strategies you can use, might be a little bit overwhelming, we get that.

But there are some that we would clearly recommend – but some strategies are definitely more suited for veteran players overall.

In general? What strategy you use all depends on your skill-level and how comfortable you are with the game overall. Try and play around with the different strategies and find your perfect fit, is our recommendation!

Why you should follow a strategy

A strategy can severely enhance not only your gameplay and the fun you’re having – but also the amount of cash raining down onto your account!

When playing blackjack online, there are a few unwritten rules to adhere to. Here are some of them.

When to hit

Always hit when below 17 – or your banker has a card with a value of at least 10.

When to stand

It is wise to stand whenever your hand is 17 or higher – this way, you don’t go over 21, resulting in a bust.

Pair splitting

In some versions of Blackjack, you have the option to split when you are dealt a pair (two of the same card) into two new hands.

You are then dealt two more cards and your bet is doubled. Should you play each hand normally, you get two chances to beat the dealer or lose in the end.

Doubling down

This thrilling maneuver allows you to double your bet in the middle of a hand in exchange for one extra card.

Should you, however, receive a low card, it removes the ability to hit again, so choose wisely!

Betting on Blackjack with Strategy

We understand, you thought blackjack was an easy game and as soon as you scratched beneath the surface with LiveCasinoGuide, it all became a lot – and very overwhelming.

Fear not dear friend, for we got you covered! Betting on blackjack with a strategy is the way to go if you want to increase your winnings and start playing online blackjack a bit more seriously. Here are some of the things to consider:

Decks of cards

You might wonder for example, why there are so many different decks of cards in blackjack, and rightfully so!

A regular game of blackjack is played with 6-8 decks of cards. This is in order to keep the cards random and also have a high amount of cards to play with.

Deck count

As discussed, a regular deck of blackjack cards is played with 52 cards in total. In theory, that would increase the number of face cards (or 10’s for that matter), which is always a good way of increasing your hand.

If your first card has a total value of 10, this will be a good offset for you to win the round.

Is there a strategy that works every time?

We’d love to give you good news here, dear reader – but sadly, no blackjack strategy works every time. But look at it this way; It’d be a boring game indeed if that were the case.

So use your favourite strategies and manage your bankroll wisely and you will find yourself winning more often.

Blackjack house edge

The house edge is the advantage the casino or online casino has, which is always displayed by a certain percentage. It varies from game to game and naturally also depends on the casino you play at.

Decrease that nasty house edge by using one of our certified strategies! At least that’s what we would do.

Blackjack Strategy FAQ

The most basic of strategies is to hit on anything below 17 and to stand when your card value hits 17 or more.
There really is no real “best” strategy out there. You have to find one, that fits your playstyle, and – there’s no other way to say it – your bankroll.
You can stand or hit – it really depends on the cards of the banker. But in general – stand.
Make your good judgment on the cards your opposing dealer
The short answer is; you can’t. There is no fail-safe way to guarantee a win, but using a strategy will improve your odds tenfold.
First off, you really shouldn’t – it destroys the game for you and for others as well. Secondly: you didn’t really think we would tell you that, did you? 😉
You should walk away when your bankroll doesn’t allow you to play more – be responsible