Mini Baccarat

When hearing a name like “Mini Baccarat”, what would the first thing be, that springs to mind? Is the table tiny? Do we have miniature dealers presenting the game?

LiveCasinoGuide dug deeper and found out everything you need to know about this live dealer game and how to play mini baccarat in the first place. Playtech has created a smaller version of the popular game by reducing the player count from 7 seats down to 1 – and added in some extra side-bets to make good use of.

So how does mini baccarat fare compared to the rest? Let’s talk about it.

How to play Mini Baccarat

Let’s discuss how to play mini baccarat first since this will be where you begin your journey with baccarat’s little cousin.

  1. Choose a live casino that offers Playtech’s mini baccarat in the first place.
  2. Locate Mini Baccarat in the casino lobby.
  3. Place your bet like you would in “regular” baccarat.
  4. Optional, but highly encouraged; Egalite extra side-bets, that allow you to bet that the player or banker form a specific tie with an equal score. The interesting part? The different Egalite options can pay from 80:1 up to 150:1 for Egalite 0, which is quite the thrill if you ask us.
  5. Wait for the dealer to reveal the cards and hopefully strike big!

Comparing Mini Baccarat to “normal” baccarat

The biggest difference would probably be the aforementioned seat reduction, making this online baccarat variant a very intimate experience.

You can almost feel the tension building up and that is not diminished at all by chatting to the dealer, who will be happy to have some friendly chatter on the side.

The side-bets also differ, so it’s really up to you which version you prefer – there is a place and time for every casino game under the sun, after all.

Bets and payouts on Mini Baccarat

Bets range from ₹1 up to ₹500 depending on the casino you play at, making it suitable for both beginners and high-rollers alike.

The Egalite side-bets make it especially attractive to players, who would like to pay a little extra to boost their bankroll, which we certainly appreciate.

But what about regular bets? Regular bets player and dealer pay 1 to 1 and 0.95 to respectively, but we urge you to use the big, banker pair, small and either pair side-bets as well – they do pay off!

Mini Baccarat Rules

Mini baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards and you can use seven chips sizes for your play, with a pretty good betting range overall – just be aware, that those might differ from casino to casino.

The general rules are the same as the baccarat rules, with punto banco rules – including perfect pairs side bets. You can expect an intimate online baccarat experience, courtesy of Playtech, so the rules actually do not change that much at all.

Table Layout

The table layout is very similar to baccarat itself – no surprise there. Apart from the fact that only one player plays against the banker, there are no irregularities to note here.

The interface that Playtech created is beautiful and creates another layer of intimacy on the table – you’ll see what we mean when you see the minimalistic layout. Expect a baccarat experience through and through – just on a smaller scale, that is.

Can I use a Strategy?

Any strategy you can use in regular baccarat, can of course also be applied to this little brother here. Just be aware of the fact that the side-bets might shrink your payroll significantly faster than with regular baccarat, so that’s definitely something to remember when playing this mini version.

Once you learned how to play baccarat (you can also check out our guide to that here if you didn’t already), the strategies are pretty much the same. Make sure to check out our baccarat strategies page – from zero to casino pro in no-time!

Why you should play Live Mini Baccarat (Advantages)?

Let’s talk about why you should playa mini baccarat in the first place, shall we?

  • An intimate experience – only one seat per table
  • The side bets (especially the Egalite bets) have the capacity of high payouts
  • Lots of other side bets to be found
  • It’s a breath of fresh air if you’ve grown tired of regular baccarat

Disadvantages of Live Mini Baccarat

There are a few disadvantages compared to regular baccarat – here they are.

  • If you prefer the busy atmosphere of baccarat, this one might not be for you
  • The side bets can distract from the actual gameplay and could be quite taxing on your bankroll

Mini Baccarat Live Dealer

As with any live casino game, the dealer is the center of attention – and the second best thing about playing these games online.

Full of charisma, Playtech’s bankers really know what they’re doing and we’ve had quite a few funny and interesting chats with these guys while playing.

The chat option can be found on the right-hand side of the interface and we encourage you to drop the dealers a line – they will appreciate it.

Obviously the main function of the bankers isn’t just to chat, but they naturally also deal the cards, making them the spinal cord of the whole operation.