Baccarat Banque

It all started with this one, dear reader – baccarat banque. By many considered to be the first version of the popular card game, baccarat banque was invented in France and is still played in casinos all over the world.

Also known as Baccarat a Deux Tableaux (Baccarat on two tables), this original version has not seized in popularity since its inception – and rightfully so.

Naturally, LiveCasinoGuide has made it its mission to find out more for you – so let’s dig into our review, shall we?

How to play Baccarat Banque

Generally speaking, baccarat banque plays very similar to its cousin chemin de fer (which you can read about right here), but there are a few key differences. Let’s talk about it.

  1. Choose a live casino that offers baccarat banque
  2. Locate Baccarat Banque in the casino lobby – you can use the search bar most casinos offer to do so.
  3. Watch the dealer shuffle the cards – this will happen before each round.
  4. The dealer will then deal the cards, but not before players – and back bettors – place their bets.
  5. During this process, a player may challenge the banker for the occupied role. Just announce to go bank, but make sure your wager matches the current banker’s wager. Your advantage? Other players can chip in and help you get onto the banker’s bet amount.
  6. Watch the round unfold and hope that you got some lucky cards!

Comparing Baccarat Banque to “normal” baccarat

“Regular” baccarat differs quite a lot to baccarat banque in some key aspects of gameplay. We’re talking strictly live casino here, so land-based casinos, we love you – but you’re out.

In baccarat banque, the banker will always play against two hands, so that’s one key difference right there. The role of the banker will also switch around – and can even be applied to a player, not just the dealer.

A player will only be able to “challenge” the dealer if he bets the full bet of the dealer – in this case, the other player are not participating in this round, look at it as some form of a duel, if you like.

The player on the right of the current banker is allowed to go bank first, then the left player – and that cycle repeats, which you don’t have in normal baccarat (punto banco).

The two seats opposite the dealer can represent up to five players, which can chip in to challenge the dealer. Quite an interesting concept, but one that might be hard to grasp for newcomers – so take note of that before you sit down.

Bets and payouts on Baccarat Banque

Bets and payouts differ from casino to casino, but in general, the “banker, player, tie” baccarat rules still apply – with the same payouts, comparably.

Your goal is, to predict the outcome of the game, the hands that are played. That much is true for all versions of baccarat, be it mini, chemin de fer or in this case baccarat banque – so you won’t find many differences there.

If you want to know more about the core gameplay, check out our regular baccarat page here.

Baccarat Banque Rules

The rules of this particular game have been refined and, let’s just say simplified over the course of the years – which is why punto banco is played most around the world.

Baccarat banque has quite a few interesting concepts in its sleeve however and we kinda wish more versions of this game would implement them.

The general rules are as follows; two players play against the dealer while using the good old strategy of betting on the outcome of each played out hand.

The key difference? Vying for the position of the banker and the overall size of the table.

Table Layout

The table layout differs quite a lot compared to our friend online baccarat – and for good reason.

The name “Baccarat on two tables” doesn’t come by pure happenstance. Almost resembling the number 8, two players sit at each end of the table – while the banker and dealer oppose each other.

The fact that two players are the main participants, doesn’t mean that’s the total group number a game can reach. Each player can have 5 players behind them, called back bettors, helping them challenge the dealer in order to become the banker themselves.

How many decks are used in Baccarat Banque?

Interestingly, only 3 decks are used in baccarat banque. Being the first recorded version of this powerhouse of a game, it’s no surprise it’s not as complex when it comes to this particular factor.

But when you learn how to play baccarat banque, you will soon see that it has other aspects that are quite complicated indeed.

Complicated, yes – but once you got the hang of it, it’s infinitely rewarding and it soon became one of our favourite games to play.

Quick tip? Because there are only 3 decks of cards in the game, this version lends itself to card-counting. Not that we would condone any such strategies…

Can I use a Strategy?

When it comes to strategies, the same strategy approach applies across most versions of baccarat – and this one is no different.

The general rule is; hit on a total of 0-4 and stand on 6 or 7. You are being forced to stand on 8 or 9 anyway, so this kind of approach should give you a general gist of what to expect.

Why you should play Live Baccarat Banque (Advantages)?

Let’s talk about the advantages of playing live baccarat banque – what are they?

  • The payout differs from casino to casino but is generally higher than in regular baccarat.
  • There are only 3 decks of cards being used, making the game a little bit more concise.
  • This game is exceptionally suited for card-counting, for the aforementioned reason – giving you an edge over the dealer, if applied correctly.
  • Baccarat banque is a historical game and for that reason alone it pays off to play this gem of a game.

Disadvantages of Live Baccarat Banque

There are a few disadvantages to be found too, let’s talk about them.

  • The game itself is quite a bit more complex than other variants, so therefore take a little getting used to.
  • Gameplay can be a little slow, which can be an advantage – but nothing for any adrenaline junkie out there.

Baccarat Banque Live Dealer

As with any live dealer game (the name is in the game after all), the dealer not only lays the cards but is also an integral part of the whole operation.

Chatting with the players, presenting the game and just being overall awesome is their job – and they do it just right, if you ask us.

Drop these guys a line, we promise they will appreciate that – and don’t be shy to engage in some friendly chatter.

Baccarat Banque History

The origins of this highly sought after casino game are still up for heated debates, but the general consensus seems to date the game back to 1400 Italy.

Courtesy of a man named Felix Falguiere, he called the game “baccara”, which is Italian for zero (because all ten and face cards were worth zero).

The French did, what the French do, by taking something and making it their own – henceforth the French spelling “baccarat” was adopted globally.

Fun fact, back in the day, baccarat was played by having four different dealers handing out cards, each of them having an opportunity to become the banker. Times have changed, haven’t they?