Apps with Real Money Games

Our smartphones are an integral part of our lives – and apps play the main role.

Finding apps where you can play casino games with real money isn’t difficult per se, but finding one that’s worth your money, can be.

Which is why we at LiveCasinoGuide have made it our duty, to inform and educate you on the best casino apps with real money games – let’s talk about it.

Best Casino Gambling Apps


  • Local Net Banking Support
  • Over 200 Live Dealer Games
  • Fast Withdrawals
Pure Casino

  • PayTM & Google Pay
  • Site in Hindi, Bengali and English
  • All Classic Indian Games
LeoVegas Casino

  • The Best Mobile Casino
  • Their own Live Studio
  • User-Friendly Interface

Real Money Casino Apps

Let’s get one thing straight – we only review real money casino apps. No demo modes (although they might be present, not an integral part of the experience) or play money; real cash.

The apps are a reflection of the respective casino website, and you could play their games from the web browser, if you wanted to. This might be your only chance of doing so, if you play on your laptop or PC, but when it comes to Smartphones?

We prefer a real, dedicated app that pulls no punches any time of the day.

Live Baccarat is conveniently played via casino apps

How to play via an app

There are some things to consider when playing casino with an app on your smartphone. In order to keep things nice and simple, we compiled a neat numbered list – because we’re nice that way.

  1. Find the app of your favourite casino and download the app either via the apk on their site, or if they have a spot on the app store/play store, download it there
  2. Install the app
  3. Sign in with your account
  4. Deposit
  5. Find your favourite game and start playing!

What are real money games apps?

You’ve come this far dear reader, and you’d be forgiven to ask – what even are real money games apps? It’s simple, really.

They are mobile, downloadable versions of your favourite casino games, all packed into one neat program.

Not all casinos have an app though, so beware of that fact, should you want to play your real money games via an app on your smartphone exclusively.

What are the benefits of playing with an app?

If the question why you should even play with the app as opposed to playing casino games with your browser arises, we got a clear answer.

A dedicated app will always run smoother and it will conveniently be placed in your app drawer, so you don’t even have to type in the URL should you want to play.

Another benefit? The bandwidth you use will be significantly reduced when playing via the app.

Best gambling apps for Android and iOS

We tested all the different apps that the biggest dogs of the casino business in India have and there are some factors that make mobile apps great – or not great at all.

A simplified signup, easy one-tap payments and customizable lobbies where you can favourite all the casino games you love to play, are stark indicators of a decent casino app.

Of course the actual casino offering will play a role here, but these don’t change when you switch from browser to the app.

Making bets is super easy via an app

How to Install

Usually, installing an app is quite simple; use the app store or the play store for iOS or Android respectively, to search for the required app and tap the “install” button. Some casino sites however, require you to follow a few, simple steps to install the desired casino app. Here they are for your convenience:

  1. Type in the URL of your desired casino and navigate to the “mobile app” section.
  2. Download the app.
  3. On Android, navigate to Settings → About → and tap the build number 3-5 times, depending on your system. This will activate the developer mode of your device.
  4. Navigate to the newly appeared “developer options” section in your settings and enable the option to install apk’s from 3rd parties.
  5. Navigate to your downloaded files section on your device and install the apk. Success!

Can I play without an app?

Quick answer? Yes you can.

Most of the casinos we test, have a responsive and HTML5 based website, that is optimized for all screen sizes and works with all the most common browsers – be it Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

So should you be worried about space on your phone or simply be against installing such apps on your device, this can be a great option too. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose if you play casino with an app or on your browser.

Play on-the-go with a casino app

The biggest advantage of playing casino apps via your smartphone, is obviously the mobility of it all.

Want to play some blackjack on your way to work? You can do that. Chilling in your favourite bar and waiting for your date to arrive? Spin some roulette wheels and make the time fly.

We are quite serious about this part of casino gaming and therefore, we do not list casinos that aren’t optimized for your smartphone. You’re welcome!

Payment methods through the casino apps

Should you be worried about depositing/withdrawing money via your phone – don’t be.

One of the best things about playing casino apps on your smartphone is that payment apps and e-wallets have become increasingly popular, and you can deposit and withdraw using those apps quite instantly.

The “worst” thing that can happen to you, is having to change apps, when choosing let’s say PayPal – but after the payment is through, the app usually will direct you back to the casino, which is nice.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos

If you ever played mobile games, you already know what the biggest advantage is here; the optimization. We’ve seen numerous games that work on the PC but look weird and stretched on your smartphone or tablet – all casino apps we test however won’t have that issue.

You can look forward to beautiful HD streams and optimized user interfaces, all in the palm of your hand – no questions asked.

Live Casino Games on Mobile

Last, but not least – the games themselves. The live casino games you can find on these apps often don’t even differ from the games that are on offer on the desktop.

Dedicated lobbies and neatly categorized games wait for you, with just a tap leading you into the immersive world of mobile casino – and we honestly find it hard to go back to the mouse controls on the laptop.

Especially after seeing how convenient mobile apps are. Roulette, Baccarat and teen patti do really shine on your smartphone and you won’t regret making the switch, we promise.