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We are LiveCasinoGuide – a team of casino veterans with combined knowledge and experience that could transcend generations. Compromised of ex-casino employees, actual players, affiliates, and other casino-related positions.

Our team has always loved playing at land-based casinos but since the inception of the internet, we fell in love with online casinos – and fast! Even boat casinos weren’t out of the ordinary, which we visited on regular occasions.

Our favourite? Goa’s Casino Pride, floating away on the Mandovi river.

But those times are over, after more than 8 years of playing casino games for fun, even playing tournaments of the skill-based game blackjack, we made the jump from brick & mortar to strictly online.

What that means for you as a reader?

We have covered everything there is to know about the casino industry and are passionate about carrying that knowledge across to you. Our mission is to help Indian players to get as much “bang for their buck”, or should we say rupees?

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the Indian government embracing the casino industry with a proper license, with transparent laws that regulate operators and sift the bad sheep out of the system. Our site stands for dependent information, truthful reviews, and transparent research, so you – the player – don’t have to do it yourself.

So what was the only proper thing we could do, to give you exactly that?

We signed up with all our listed online casinos and are playing on them on a regular basis, to give you the best of the best – which you will always find on top of our lists.

We can’t wait to see you browse our site and hope, that you enjoy all the information found here – and find a way to apply it to “up” your game accordingly.

In that sense, welcome, player – to the amazing world of LiveCasinoGuide.

LCG Authors


What’s happening casino freaks – my name is Ranjeet Reddy, Indian-born casino player and main writer at LiveCasinoGuide.

Live dealer games have been my passion for as long as I can remember, even as a child I used to watch my grandfather play card games with his friends.

Living in beautiful Chandigarh, I went to Chandigarh University, studying marketing – but that too wasn’t enough for me.

It wasn’t long until I started working for one of the biggest online live casinos out there, but I somehow still wanted…more. I wanted to take my collected knowledge and help other Indian players, to achieve greatness in blackjack, baccarat, or teen patti.

So here I am, making my dream of helping others to play their favourite games and become a true high-roller – at LiveCasinoGuide.com.